June 17, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Donald Trump’s emergence onto the presidential political field isn’t a breath of fresh air. His candidacy is a howling Category Five gale force hurricane of great news.

What Americans of all political stripes desperately need is a candidate who hasn’t made a career out of politics.

We’ve watched professional politicians sell America down the debt river, leaving our children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars in debt. Our Fedzillacrats have slipped a fiscal noose around the necks of future generations of America. The next time you see a beautiful, cooing, little baby, remind yourself that this little baby’s share of the mounting fiscal neck-stretching party is roughly $60,000 and growing.

These Fedzillacrats have spit on the graves of our Founding Fathers, used our Constitution as a doormat and bribed us into voting for them with our own money. We have been conned, fleeced and scammed. Someone get a bucket of tar and giant bag of feathers.

We watched scads of politicians pay no heed to our immigration laws. Donald Trump said he would build a giant wall along our southern border and then make Mexico pay for it. That’s tough talk, but I believe Trump will actually walk the walk.

Donald Trump said he would be the greatest job-producing president God ever created. I believe him. All of the presidents combined in my lifetime do not have one-tenth the private sector experience of Mr. Trump. To hell with “giving up looking for work” and its twin curse of “jobs Americans aren’t willing to do.” Want a job? Trump you.

We’ve watched as foreign countries such as China, Iran and Russia laugh at America due to our Humpty Dumpty weak politicians getting out maneuvered time and time again. When Donald Trump walks into a negotiating room, he is a game changer who actually knows something about negotiating and putting winning deals together. He would Trump those international dupes who are working to weaken or destroy America.

Mr. Trump said he would repeal the health-care scam of Obamacare. Good. Obamacare is a health-care nightmare that puts Fedzilla in charge of your health. If that’s not a recipe for brutally expensive inefficiency, then what the hell is? How can you dare trust your health to Fedzilla and guys like President Obama who have and will continue to lie to you and confuse you with a massive federal law that was so large that Nancy Pelosi said they had to pass it to find out what was in it?

Donald Trump will support the Second Amendment and other American freedoms, not attempt to relegate our unique God-given rights to those of some flea-infested, turd world country. Banning gun-free zones and all politicians who believe more gun control is the answer to the violence that plagues the Democrat-controlled cities of Chiraq, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis and New Orleans, which have been controlled by gun-banning Democrats for decades.

Donald Trump believes in rewarding excellence, grit, sacrifice and hard work, not punishing, demeaning and mocking it. Mr. Trump declared the American Dream as dead but said that he could bring it back from the dead. If anyone can do it, he can.

I’ll admit it, I don’t know all of Donald Trump’s positions, but I like what I hear so far minus his statement about Oprah Winfrey potentially being his running mate. From what I’ve heard, Oprah has been and remains a huge Obama supporter. Mr. Trump should not let any person who is a supporter of Mr. Obama within 500 feet of his campaign. He should declare his campaign stops as Obama & Hillary Free Zones. Trump that.

All Americans who know how this fundamental transformation is destroying our great country are paying close attention to the Republican candidates. I admire many of them and believe each would make a great president and dramatically upgrade America. What I like most is how Donald Trump will fan the flames of boldness and chop down the curse of political correctness with the edge of his hand, hopefully inspiring the other candidates to toughen up accordingly.

Donald Trump would be good for America. We need more successful, hard-driving business people in politics and fewer Fedzillacrats. That’s the first thing America needs to do to bring the American Dream back from the dead, Mr. Trump.