Don’t be a thug: My 8 rules for success

April 29, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Social justice? Level playing field? Equal opportunity? Income inequality? Everyone should play by the same rules?

Cue the cheeky cherubs breaking through the pillowy clouds blowing sweet trumpet music in the heavenly skies.

Our embarrassing president and all the cult-of-denial goons that chant the above nonsense have clearly lost all sense of reason, logic, common sense and honesty, not to mention a basic grasp of human history.

Here’s how it works, Mr. President and all you fundamental-transformation, social-engineering America haters.

There is no social justice, and there will never be any social justice. All one has to do is honestly look at every society that has ever tried this fantasy-driven commie manipulation and criminal propaganda scam to see the human tragedy that occurs in every instance. Cuba and Russia are festering examples of power down “social justice” where incentive and work ethic have been destroyed while the bloodsuckers stand in line for their monthly bread rations.

No thank you.

And the concept of a level playing field and equal opportunity has to be the ugliest scam on Obama’s master list of brainwashing scams.

Nobody but a sad subculture of “we the sheeple” fail to grasp the real-world rules of the American Dream, and those rules go something like this, Mr. President and everyone in Baltimore and beyond:

Life ain’t fair – get over it. Sometimes we give the world the best we got and get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best that you got anyway! Don’t fall for the soulless nonsense of the liberal Democrat excuse makers that you’re too stupid and feeble to make it on your own. That’s just pure anti-human rot. Seize the damn day like you mean it! Every day! Dig deep into your independent soul and be the absolute very best that you can be in everything you do, and nobody can stop you!

Be good. Obey the law, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and all the simple rules of decency by respecting your elders and all people of authority – parents, pastors, rabbis, teachers and cops. Be an asset to yourself, your family, neighborhood and fellow man. It’s ridiculously easy and supremely gratifying.

Stay in school and, in spite of our embarrassing overpaid anti-education system, discipline yourself to learn how to talk properly, read, write, add, subtract, multiply and divide. There are simply no opportunities for anyone who fails basic human skills and intelligence. Everyone who has these basic skills combined with a good work ethic have unlimited opportunities. Case closed.

Stay clean and sober. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco and garbage food will turn you into a stumbling, stinky zombie. Only stumbling, stinky zombie stoners don’t know this. Avoid stoners and zombies, for they are losers every time.

Get an alarm clock and learn to set it. Prove yourself to be a force to reckon with in the job market. Have good hygiene and posture, carry yourself with dignity, be positive, dress decently, forget the tattoos, bling and Watusi piercings, speak clearly and properly. Start small but think big. Kick a– on the competition; show up earlier, stay later, work harder, do more than just your job, show valiant dedication to make the business better and earn self-esteem and the upward mobility that comes with it. You won’t need any big-government babysitters to negotiate your minimum wage, because with serious effort, you will earn your own increased pay. That’s how it works.

Don’t fall for the sheepish lie of “peer pressure.” Don’t play follow the leader – be a leader! Stand up for what you know is right and defy the pathetic sheep around you. It feels good, and quality of life will happen as a result.

We are not necessarily our brother’s keepers, but don’t ignore bad, criminal or dangerous behavior by others around you. Always offer sound, friendly advice and apply as much positive pressure as you possibly can to help family and friends out of their self-inflicted quagmire.

Nobody owes you jack-squat. Get your own. Learn a trade. A superior carpenter, plumber, painter, welder, mechanic, electrician, musician, gunsmith, roofer, truck driver, tree trimmer, landscaper, farmer, rancher, big game guide, chimney sweep, exterminator, veterinarian, broadcaster, writer, journalist, policeman, firefighter and any number of proud, dedicated professionals will never be out of work. Superior and dedicated being the key operatives here.

So don’t fall for all the whining, lying, excuse mongering and BS’ing that is coming out of Baltimore, Ferguson, the president, the Democrats, your loser friends, much of the media and every other crybaby scam artist out there. In Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia and wherever Democrats have been in charge of things, the above 8 rules for the American Dream are nowhere to be found.

These scammers don’t want you to be successful. They don’t want you to be happy. They don’t want you to be productive. They don’t want you to be independent. They don’t want you to be the best that you can be. They just want you to keep bending over for their scams so you vote for them and keep them in power. Sad but true.

Instead, the scammers will tell you how all the problems are always someone else’s fault while they demand more and more money that they will continue to waste and squander while the sheep blindly obey their slavemasters instead of breaking free from the shackles and playing by the common-sense rules for individual success and happiness.

Read the Big 8 again. Know them, live them, celebrate them. It’s so simple, it’s stupid. Don’t be stupid.