Watch Ted Nugent’s “Fred Bear” Video

November 22, 2013 | « back

By James Joiner

NUG_Esquire It’s hunting season, but before you get all gussied up in your orange jumper and lock ‘n’ load, we have a tribute to legendary bow hunter Fred Bear to get your juices stirring, by, of course, none other than Ted Nugent. Pulled from Nugent’s new Ultralive Ballisticrock concert video, it captures the experience of a Nugent show without the need for earplugs. “Fred Bear” is an ode to Nugent’s friend, mentor, and inspiration, and he has this to say about it:

“Music is a force to reckon with when performed with spirit and passion. All my music has a life of its own and is intoxicating to real music lovers everywhere. But when the opening riff of ‘Fred Bear’ is unleashed, it takes everything I possess to control my emotions, memories, and love for the great man. It is truly out-of-body. Fred is with me, my mom and dad are gathered around a family campfire, and the Great Spirit shines his ever-loving light on me. In the wind, he’s still alive.”