August 20, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Learning his political lessons well straight out of the streets of Chicago and never letting a crisis go to waste, our president knows exactly when to play the ultimate Saul Alinsky race trump card in his never-ending political poker game.

You may recall how, before any facts were determined, the president played the race card like an old pro when he said the Cambridge police acted “stupidly” after they arrested his buddy Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates.

The president played the old, tattered, over used and abused race card again when he said Trayvon Martin could have been his son.

Now, horrifically, he has played it once again by talking about the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Content of character, anyone?

Each of these instances are quite telling about our president – the Great Racial Divider. Ignoring the daily slaughter of blacks by blacks in his hometown of Chi-raq, he only chimes in when the perpetrators are non-black and the perceived victims are black.

Make no mistake – Mr. Obama has not spoken out of concern for racial harmony and unity, but rather to ensure black Americans remain squarely in his camp on the big-government boogie bandwagon known as the Democratic Party. Heartbreakingly, while Ferguson burns, I’m afraid this is all much ado about politics.

The president knows all too well that losing a portion of the black vote would spell disaster for the Democrats in upcoming elections. Like his race-baiting buddy Al-Not-So-Sharpton, Mr. Obama believes fanning the embers of racism will keep black Americans squarely in the corner of their big daddy Democratic Party. That’s good for liberal politics and bad for racial harmony and America.

You may have noticed the president didn’t utter a word when around 80 or so people were shot in his hometown of Chi-raq over the July 4th weekend, or any and every weekend throughout the year. As goes the weekly death toll in this Democrat dream of a “gunfreezone,” the vast majority of those doing the shooting and those doing the dying were blacks.

Maybe I’m weird, but where I come from we care about all victims of crime, not just a convenient political subset based on color of skin.

President Obama continues to beat the race drum in a feeble attempt to reduce the nonstop gangland gangbanger warfare in Chi-raq and other urban warzones in Baltimore, Oakland, New Orleans, Detroit, St. Louis, etc., repeating the nonsense that more “reasonable” gun control laws will stop street savages from getting their hands on guns and killing each other.

I’m sure all the murdering gangbangers are just waiting with baited breath for that magical, mysterious “reasonable” gun law No. 20,001. So am I.

Facts are surely pesky and irritating to the president and his liberal accomplices in the national propaganda ministry who remain good soldiers and blame guns for America’s urban warfare.

The bulletproof truth is that if you subtract gun-related suicides and the engineered recidivism of gun-related deaths in our major urban warzones by paroled and released street savages killing each other, what you are left with is an America that is largely a very peaceful place.

My life, for example, is wall to wall firepower, 24/7/365, and continues to be the most peaceful place on earth.

The real cause of the carnage in Chi-raq and St. Louis isn’t access to guns or racism, it’s the absence of good old family values and the discipline that goes with them. America doesn’t have a gun-related violence problem. We have a shattered-family-related violence problem.

Seventy percent of young blacks are being raised in single-parent households. This is a recipe for a cultural, economic and social death march.

The underlying reason for 70 percent of black youth being raised in single-parent households is the 50-year war on blacks by our federal government that has constantly perpetuated abandonment of personal responsibility. The problem has gotten much worse after spending over $16 trillion since 1965 on so-called poverty programs.

What this maniacal spending has accomplished has been a travesty, a crime against humanity.

Liberal welfare programs have destroyed black communities, black families and far too many young black guys who are either in prison or an early grave.

Why the denial?

The bulletproof truth is that prior to LBJ launching the War on Blacks in 1965, the divorce rate of blacks was much lower than what it is today, out-of-wedlock births were much lower, high school dropout rates were much lower, and violence in the black community was much lower.

What President Obama proposes is spending another trillion on poverty-related programs for the next 10 years, thereby ensuring that the nightly bloody slaughters in our urban warzones will continue.

You don’t need to be a social psychologist, anthropologist, criminologist or even a greasy Motown guitar player to understand why America has urban warzones. It is the result of liberals who believe every problem can be solved by massive government spending and a bumbling, lethargic, counter-productive bureaucracy, instead of demanding accountability.

The ugly truth is that liberals are complicit in Michael Brown’s death and the deaths of thousands of other young black guys who have been encouraged to become thugs.

The pesky fact is that America has a discipline-less related violence problem.

That apparently is quite OK with liberals so long as they can continue to try and con the American people, especially black Americans, into believing that access to guns and racism are the problem.

Stating all these pesky facts will get you pilloried and smeared as a racist by those on the left who want to continue to perpetuate the problem. Smear on. The facts and truth speak otherwise. And so do I.