Get A Muffler For Your Gun-Suppressors; I like ‘em

May 3, 2018 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Aim small miss small! Now that’s a quality of life battlecry I think we can all relate to and agree upon. Like anything and everything in life worthwhile, firearm accuracy and all the shooting sports for that matter are best enjoyed when maximum focus and dedication are employed.

Growing up with my Daisy Red Ryder BB gun was life consuming, that’s for sure. Along with my homemade slingshots and bow and arrows life was one big projectile management adventure party.

Safety was drilled into my young, mushy brain by dear old US Army drill sergeant dad, and with the simple Gun Rule #1, never point a weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy, the great man put me on a True North compass setting of inescapable cause and effect accountability in the great outdoors and beyond from the earliest of age.

Thank you dad!

Shooting and jamming all the time helped me develop a pretty good hand-eye coordination, and as I grew up with a guitar in one hand and some different sort of weapon in the other, my persistence and repetition eventually payed off. After a while the planets began to align and I gained some gratification in my two dominating passions.

I still train and practice religiously with my various handguns, rifles, shotguns and Mathews bow, and after a thrilling 69 plus years I think I’m getting to where I am figuring this marksmanship thing down pretty fair.

I still miss often enough to keep me humble, but I never give up looking for new and improved methodologies and systems to increase my accuracy consistency.

Celebrating my 70th birthday this year in 2018 (70!!!! YIKES!!!) it was only a few short years ago I was forced to go to sight-pins on my bow to keep my Gold Tip arrows flying true into my Morrell targets and critters of choice.

One thing I am never afraid of is improvising, adapting and overcoming!

Far beyond simple sight acquisition, controlled breathing and meticulous trigger squeeze, there are powerful and important physics of spirituality going on in the execution of the ultimate shot. The mystical Samurai of Japan and the origin of their Zen through the mystical flight of the arrow archery dwelled on what can best be described as the religion of shot placement.

In its purest form, many accomplished marksman and archers accomplish amazing accuracy via the simplest of mechanics; solid sight, good trigger squeeze, bullseye!

Oh if only it were that simple for all of us, and much of the time with mad man dedication, it can be and is.

But when that adrenalin pounding moment of truth erupts before us on the hunt, I for one need all the help I can get to put the ultimate predator ballet together in order to disconnect the pumpstation of the mighty beasts of my dreams.

After a bout of deteriorating eyesight and going from bare-bow instinctive archery to sight-pins, peep and kisser buttons, I celebrated great joy in returning to real good consistency in arrow placement and the ever-loving rewards of backstrap bliss!

So too have I experienced a very exciting upgrade over the years in my long-gun marksmanship since adding suppressors to my hunting rifles.

Often referred to as silencers, suppressors do not in any way silence a firearm.

The volume of the report is reduced substantially to a much safer level, but there really is no such thing as “Hollywood quiet”.

What the use of a suppressor has done for me and many thousands of shooters across America is reduce the sound and recoil to a point that smooths out the entire shot sequence, and serious accuracy upgrade is the result everytime.

Of course as is always the case when goofball bureaucrats get involved, it makes no logical sense whatsoever that an American citizen should need any government paperwork to put a muffler on our guns. By law we must have mufflers on our vehicles and lawnmowers but incredibly need a federal machinegun permit to put one on our deergun.

Being that as it may, until we get rid of this absurd law it is indeed worth the effort to go through the long arduous procedure to purchase a suppressor for your hunting rifle.

More and more deerhunters across the land are doing so and immediately enjoying the increased pleasure and increased accuracy.

Sadly there are a few states where the 2nd Amendment doesn’t even exist, NY, NJ, IL, CA, MA, MD, RI, HI, but while we fight to get our rights back in those states, I would highly recommend you give it a shot and join our growing army that use suppressors for the increased shooting efficiency that they provide.

And of course, be sure you are a member of the National Rifle Association to protect and secure our God given constitutionally guaranteed individual rights!

Aim small miss small like you mean it! Our guns should be quieter than my guitars.