God, Family, Country, Deerhunting

May 4, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

The great Dirty Harry once eloquently and profoundly stated; “A good man has to know his limitations.” A voice from the other side also happened to state a valuable life truism when Al Capone railed; “Enthusiasms! A man has got to have enthusiasms.”

Well, that there pretty much covers the gamut of important guiding lessons in life, does it not?

With nearly 68 incredible years of sharing very special campfires with great families across this country, it really doesn’t take much deep thinking to grasp the self-evident truth of logic and commonsense all around us, but when a segment of society goes off the deep end of insanity and dares to claim that the animals that feed and clothe mankind somehow possess the same rights as people, you know we are in trouble as a species.

It is bad enough that such crazy dishonesty exists anywhere, but when this lunacy that equates cartoon characters to wildlife actually affects policy and laws regulating living, breathing, flesh and blood creatures on our farms, ranches and in the wild, and the sustenance for human existence overall, then a serious paradigm shift must take place at the hands of educated, honest caring people everywhere.

So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you the presidential election 2016 in the United States of America. For those of us paying attention and actually performing our critical we the people responsibilities, the life and death importance of November 2016 transcends our love for the rut and pretty much everything else worthwhile.

I rail this battlecry to vote to save America in this deerhunting world for the simple reason that I have always believed, or at least hoped and prayed, that this fraternity of hands-on conservationists with our higher level of reasoning predator awareness care more and understand better the phenomenal gift of being Americans, being so blessed living the only experiment in self-government the world has ever known.

It all boils down to being certain that everyone we know is registered to vote, then actually gets out there and votes.

Sure, November is the ultimate deerhunting month, and everyday is sacred to us.

But far more sacred is the future of America, and I ask how dare we not secure it for our children and all future generations.

The anti-freedom freaks glow in the dark. Everybody knows who they are. They hate hunting, they hate hunters, they hate guns and they hate America.

Bold words for sure, but with a modicum of honest research, inescapable and irrefutable.

Look and listen to the violent maniacs that support the lying felon Hillary Clinton and Mr. Communism Bernie Sanders.

These dangerous people do not believe in earning your own way. They see no difference between legal and illegal.

They not only don’t believe in the God given, US Constitutionally guaranteed individual right to keep and bear arms, they are on record to ban firearms ownership.

Animal rights freaks support these democrat candidates. The gun grabbers support Hillary and Bernie.

Donald Trump believes in and supports the 2nd Amendment and his family happens to be hard core hunters.

Hillary and Bernie will certainly appoint Supreme Court Justices that want to ban guns and give animals rights.

Donald Trump will appoint an Antonio Scalia Constitutionalist.

The line drawn in the sand could not be more brazen or defined.

And here’s the clincher; if just the licensed hunters, fishers and trappers in America voted Trump, America would be saved. Case closed.

Those who stayed home in November of 2012 because they didn’t like Mitt Romney literally gave the presidency to Barak Obama, and his fundamental transformation engineered destruction of America went on the fast track.

Dear God in heaven, who doesn’t see this?