July 23, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Since my last column here at WND just a week ago, I have been honored and privileged to meet and hang out with groups of great American families in seven more cities across the heartland as my indefatigable SHUTUP&JAM! 2014 tour blazes on. That makes 21 concerts and 22 such gatherings in as many cities since July 1, 2014.

Since graduating from high school way back in 1967, I have lead an American Dream beyond mere mortal dreams, in that my firebreathing, freedom-drenched all-American R&B infused rock ‘n’ roll soulmusic career has throttled me coast to coast and around the globe nonstop all these amazing 47 years. Before the tour wraps up on Aug. 17, I will have performed my 6,500th concert and, therefore, more than 6,500 campfire-like gatherings with my fellow man, in a virtually uninhibited dialog about life, everything to do with life and the good, bad and ugly from every imaginable angle and perspective.

I didn’t go to college, you see, for I was much too busy learning stuff.

And in each city, every night, in every town I find myself, I get to hold these inspiring roundtable discussions with the brightest, best educated, most dedicated and productive people that walk the face of the earth.

In those early roustabout teenage years, the attraction to come hang out with their Uncle Ted was 90 percent gungho music inspired, but soon, over time, after reading and hearing my media interviews, reading my writings and books, and discovering the unambiguous politically incorrect beliefs and stands I hold dear, soon the gatherings were full of concerned Americans and others who saw the scourge of politically correct denial turning into an ugly culture war.

No matter the topic, logic rings true, evidence abounds, common sense remains both common and sensible, and the instinctual pragmatism of learning from history continues to guide most people to do the right thing.

Then there are the liberal Democrats.

All one has to do is painfully watch and listen to the Nancy Pelosis, Harry Reids and Barak Obamas of the world to know that some amongst our species have completely lost their minds and souls. To hear them talk in circles, more often than not saying one thing and doing just the opposite time and time again, constantly recommending policies that have failed in every instance, is enough to scare the living hell out of any clear thinking human being.

When it comes to the wholesale violation of their oaths to the U.S. Constitution, the current illegal immigration fiasco is straight our of the Alfred Hitchcock school of irony. Liberal Democrats, and men from Mars, simply cannot distinguish between “legal immigration” and “illegal immigration.”

Even my good liberal friend, great comedian and TV star George Lopez joined us for a little gathering back stage in Anaheim last week, and as a professional performer who has to be logical in his individual and professional life, he had to agree with the rest of us that America can’t possibly survive this open border criminality any longer. He agreed that good Americans will always welcome legal immigrants with open arms, but illegal invaders are another thing altogether. Anybody who knows that “Stranglehold” is the greatest lovesong ever can’t be wrong.

We all agreed, too, that the border is anything but secure, which Pelosi, Reid and Obama have constantly lied about every time they open their scamming mouths. And at all of my meetings, like all sensible human beings, we all agreed that the embarrassingly porous border must be shut down and secured immediately.

And now I think all sane people can agree that Gov. Rick Perry of the great Republic of Texas has shown rare and genuine leadership by making the long overdue move to actually secure the border by deploying the Texas’ National Guard and bring a halt to the dangerous flow of illegal invaders.

As a very proud Texan myself, I get to see the undeniably positive results of Gov. Perry’s smart policies all the time. I witness him take controversial situations and difficult conditions head-on, showing great leadership and courage in the No. 1 state targeted by the freedom hating, America hating left as they desperately try to turn Texas into another failed California-Illinois like liberal hellhole.

Just think if America operated like Texas or any of the other Republican-run states versus the suicidal swandive modus operandi of so many liberal Democrat clowns.

I don’t know about you, but America should be keeping an eye on Rick Perry and the handling of this Obama-engineered criminal invasion trainwreck on the border. We are either a safe, protected sovereign nation, or we’re not. Real leaders living up to their constitutional oaths will make sure that we are. Fundamental transformation scam artists, not so much.