September 18, 2013 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Here we go again.

Another mass shooting in a gun-free zone where company policy mandates the employees must be unarmed and defenseless. In this case the employer is the Department of Defense (DOD), the very institution whose charter it is protect and defend America and Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The slaughter at the Navy facility is the second slaughter carried out on a military installation in recent memory. Back in November 2009, Maj. Allahu Akbar Voodoo Hasan murdered 13 U.S. military heroes and wounded 30 more during his great Muhammad-inspired terrorist attack at Fort Hood in Texas, which the DOD labeled as “workplace violence.”

The Department Of Dunderheads would surely label me the Cheshire cat. Their level of dishonesty is dazzling.

Voodoo Hasan radiated any number of red flags for years. Had they not been ignored, the slaughter at Ford Hood surely would have been prevented.

The same is now true with the Navy Yard mass murderer, Aaron Alexis. Like all the madmen murderers over the years, madman Aaron reeked of many red flags – but as usual, the worthless inept “system” permitted him to slip through its giant chasms.

What the failed system will not do is the obvious right thing, and that is to allow and encourage trained professionals and law-abiding citizens with concealed carry permits to defend themselves in the federal workplace. Instead those citizens are placed at risk due to deadly “gun-free zone” restrictions.

Rather than being able to defend themselves and possibly reduce the number of killed and wounded, the Navy employees were slaughtered. Thanks to soulless politically correct denial, we did not learn anything from Voodoo Hasan’s slaughter, and we will not learn anything from this slaughter.

This so-called “policy” of gun-free zones virtually guarantees that more innocent federal employees will be slaughtered at the hands of some crazed terrorist or some other person whose mental crankcase had leaked out all of their sanity juice.

It is the very definition of insanity and state-sanctioned barbarism for any individual, company or organization to mandate their fellow citizens be unarmed and defenseless. To endorse such a policy is analogous to mandating a fire department not be allowed to have access to water or fire hoses.

Instead of advocating for people to have the right to defend themselves and attempt to live, the shrill call from the left and their braindead media will be for more gun control. Interestingly, D.C. has some of the most restrictive gun control laws on the books, yet this mass shooting took place in D.C.

In advocating for more gun control, what the left wing is endorsing is more body bags. The ugly truth is that the left would rather stay the course with their anti-gun agenda than reverse course and potentially save lives.

Trained and armed security staff can only be in so many places at the same time. Additionally, by the time heavily armed SWAT teams and others arrive on the scene, the slaughter has typically already been carried out. Moreover, the thin blue line has no constitutional requirement to rush in and save you.

The 8 million people with concealed carry permits are some of the safest most law-abiding people in America. Not one of them has shot up a school, government building or shopping mall. To deny them the right to carry their lawful weapons is braindead.

We have a Second Amendment, a constitutional right – not a privilege – to keep and bear arms. Our rights should not be infringed upon because some disconnected bureaucrat or politically correct goon believes more regulations and controls on guns will magically make us safer. That is fairyland thinking.

Professor John Lott said it best: More guns equal less crime. Because our government is operated and controlled by people who believe in stacks and stacks of regulations and controls, the ugly reality is: More gun control equals more victims.

The real “workplace violence” is the very policies endorsed or created by uncaring bureaucrats who create victims instead of creating an environment whereby those who wish to protect their God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are allowed to do so.

Gun-free zones are killing fields and should be thrown on the growing heap of other failed, dangerous, irresponsible and braindead liberal ideas.

Support freedom and common sense by writing your congressman and demanding Congress pass legislation outlawing gun-free zones that only serve to create victims instead of allowing good guys to defend themselves.

Twelve more people are dead and 12 wounded. It does not need to be this way. How many more slaughters have to occur before we reverse this very deadly course mandated by clueless bureaucrats?

Liberalism is a death sentence. Don’t buy it.