November 5, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

In my continuing lifetime travels, I am very fortunate to have open, lively communication with people around the country, around the world, from every imaginable walk of life and about pretty much every imaginable subject matter.

There is no uncertainty or ambiguity regarding what Uncle Ted believes in and stands for, and agree or disagree, good people do not hesitate to approach me and strike up a friendly conversation everywhere I go. I feel truly blessed and humbled that so many people are willing to engage the old guitar player and dig deep into the issues that impact our lives. What a wonderful window into the souls of many different folk and an education on what makes people tick.

In the last several years, these conversations took a noticeable turn toward the negative, as expressions of genuine concern for the direction our country was heading became more and more worrisome and downright fearful. And with good reason. Citizens were witnessing the Obama administration running helter skelter like we had never seen before, and it seemed like every few days, some bizzarro malfunction of our government made headlines and made us angrier by the minute.

Such pessimism reached an all-time high with runaway frustration that the bad and ugly far outweighed the good, and many people felt that the downward spiral in America had reached the point of no return.

Fast and Furious, blatant abuse of power by the IRS, refusal to secure our borders, encouraging and rewarding illegal immigration, race baiting by our own president, labeling the Fort Hood terrorist attack “workplace violence,” ignoring nonstop lies and deceit by those in the highest offices, turning a blind eye to Putin’s invasion, a laughable energy policy, a laughable foreign policy, a laughable national defense non-policy, chronic campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime, bribing voters, spending like maniacs, putting golf games before national security, swapping murderous terrorists for a traitor, refusing to bring a United States Marine Corp hero home from a flagrantly corrupt Mexican prison, lying about Ebola, and on and on and on.

Concerned, tuned-in Americans were fed up and saw no end in sight for such corruption and abuse of power.

My response was always one of optimistic hope that the real America would wake up and re-engage when things got so stupid.

Here I sit on a glowing Nov. 5, 2014, not only celebrating my grandson Jack’s 13th birthday and hanging up my biggest whitetail buck of the season, but my guitar jamming “ten digits of doom” fingers type wildly on my laptop, all aglow with a big, fat, greazy MotorCity Madman “I TOLD YA SO!”

I knew we weren’t dumb enough to let this phenomenal experiment in self government get hijacked by a bunch of lying, hateful freaks that looked at the U.S. Constitution as a slight inconvenience to circumvent.

I knew there were still enough of us driven to do all we can for our country instead of constantly squawking about what our country had to do for us.

I knew smart people were offended every time Nancy “You need to sign this to find out what’s in it!” Pelosi and Mumbles McGillicutty Harry Reid opened their freaknasty mouths.

I knew there was still a majority out here somewhere that wouldn’t let the liberal Democrats keep digging the suicidal hole deeper and deeper as so many “we the sheeple” cruised on auto pilot.

Though my liberal friend Juan Williams would not admit it, the midterm elections were indeed a GOP wave, and I am pleased as spiked punch to ride this wonderful wave for as long as good Americans demand constitutional accountability and “we the people” respect from our elected employees.

Here’s a little hint from the venison-infested guitar guy: Secure the damn borders. Enforce the damn laws. Quit spending like drug addled idiots. Make us the superpower we are supposed to be. Get a tax code that doesn’t offend every clear-thinking person in the country. End the employee perks we didn’t authorize. Gut the entire government back to where there is fiscal accountability. Rescind Obamacare.

The GOP wave is a good step in the right direction, but unless our Republican friends actually do something meaningful, we will rise up once again and fire the lot of you.