Happy Independence Day Everyday

July 8, 2019 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I smell backstraps on the grill baby, all across America! Afterall, nothing says Happy Independence Day quite like the sizzling sacred flesh fruits of the ultimate independent lifestyle of deerhunting.

On this very special and uniquely American holiday, or better put, holy day, it is imperative that we teach our children and remind everyone in our lives just exactly what the 4th of July truly represents.

I would like to think that no other lifestyle better celebrates true independence like the rugged individual, self-sufficiency lifestyle of the American deerhunter.

Though our brilliant, courageous Founding Fathers and American Revolutionary Patriots that defeated King George’s sheep-like punk army wrote down a killer list of self-evident truths and God given individual rights by which we declared our independence, freedom and sovereignty, I have always believed they forgot as important a right as any listed in the Bill of Rights.

A world of evil kings, tyrants and emperors didn’t allow independent thinking, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to privacy, a fair trial, the right to vote, the right to challenge authority or the right to harvest deer.

The world had spiraled into a planet of dictatorships where people were relegated to subjects and slaves of government thugs.

Our founding fathers settled in the brave new world, refusing to be controlled anymore, and they wrote down all the most basic precepts of instinctual freedom except for the equally important right to utilize God’s annual wildlife harvest, the God given right to kill our own food, which is clearly as self-evident as all the others.

We all know in our American hearts that real freedom is exemplified by the obvious right to use God’s miraculous creation to sustain us in a wise, responsible manner.

Most of the world’s cultures eventually came to grips with this most basic conservation reality but it was defiant Americans that threw off the shackles of King George and instinctively knew the deer didn’t belong to any king. Natural resources belong to we the people!

Case closed.

For all practical purposes, survival itself pivoted upon a hunting lifestyle back then, and it was clearly the finely tuned predator level of awareness, hunting stealth and the aim small miss small hunting marksmanship that better prepared the American revolutionists to defeat King Georges army, known to be the largest, best trained and best equipped army in the world at the time.

When this so-called best army in the world came up against the sneaky, stealthy, rough and tumble dedicated American militia, spurred on by the dream of independence and trained to snipe squirrels, turkey, deer and other game, they didn’t have a prayer.

Make no mistake about it; our American right to fend for ourselves and hunt our own game made us the most formidable force for good over evil and freedom the world has ever known.

I celebrate the spirit of Independence Day every day of my life, just as I do Thanksgiving.

Be sure you celebrate this 4th of July BBQ time with family and friends like you mean it, with much gusto, spirit and attitude, just like our brave American militia hero warriors did back in 1776 when old punkboy King George and his gang of slavedrivers thought they could overpower freedom loving colonists in this brave new world.

Be proud being the most independent people in the world-American hunters.

To keep this freedom spirit going strong, I hope you join us at HunterNation.org to make certain that those in our government get the message that freedom and independence is still worth fighting for, and the hunting families of America will hold candidates and elected employees to the God, family, country vetting process just like we did 243 years ago.