Happy ThanXgiving Everyday

November 26, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Even though the year is not quite over and we continue to celebrate some great deerhunting as the Christmas Holidays approach, during ThanXgiving with family and friends we can begin to review another year, another tsunami of powerful memories, some great, some not so great, but nonetheless, in the final analysis, how we here in the United States of America have much to be thankful for.

I am ever so thankful to be an American, where life, liberty and our individual pursuit of happiness can still guide our every choice and every dream.

We should all genuflect on bended knee every day thanking God Almighty that we live in this sacred experiment in self-government, where individual rights and freedoms come from Him and how our brilliant, defiant, divinely inspired Founding Fathers had the courage, vision, wisdom and wherewithal to write them down for eternal reference.

I am so very thankful for God, family, country and freedom overall.

That I was raised a deerhunter certainly created a foundation of higher situational awareness of my life and surroundings that I am thankful for every day how is optimizes my enjoyment and appreciation for everything else.

No words can describe how thankful I am for my amazing wife, children, grandchildren, brothers and sister and entire extended Nugent tribe.

What a phenomenal gaggle of super human beings I have been blessed with forever.

We should all be extremely thankful for the ultimate sacrifices paid by hero warriors of the US Military and their families that continue to provide the freedom for our American Dreams.

Freedom is not free and we should thank them every day.

I am incredibly thankful that there are special people who dedicate themselves to law and order, to serve and protect, providing us all safe streets and neighborhoods for the greatest quality of life to be found in the world.

We should thank the sheepdogs of law enforcement and first responders every chance we can.

I sincerely thank my amazing bandmates, management team and professional touring crews over a lifetime of killer rock-n-roll adventure. To be surrounded by the most gifted virtuosos and hard-working professionals on planet earth has brought great joy and musical enrichment to me and millions of music lovers around the world forever.

I thank the sporting goods industry for constantly coming up with the greatest, most efficient outdoor goodies a dedicated sporter could ever ask for. We got the best guns, ammo, bows, arrows, optics, clothing and gear of every imaginable description to enhance the joys of our outdoor lifestyle beyond our wildest dreams and desires.

I thank God for creating hunting dogs. The happiness brought to my long outdoor life by my dogs is one of the greatest things in life.

I thank God for all the great people in my life. From hunting buddies to musical buddies to Detroit muscle horsepower buddies to hellraising political buddies, I have the best friends a man could ever ask for.

I thank God for my health and the smarts to cherish and respect my gift of life and how to responsibly and intelligently manage it and take good care of myself.

I am eternally thankful for my amazing parents who raised us Nugent kids properly with a damn good balance of love, guidance and discipline.

I thank God for His miracle creation of nature itself, and how His renewable resource miracle provides air, soil, water, minerals, medicine, food, meat and everything we need for health, security and life itself.

I thank God how He made big game animals the perfect size, shape and consistency to cleanly kill with my bow and arrow.

ThanXgiving is indeed a special time of year. We must teach our children that God has provided everything we need to be healthy and happy, but most importantly, the miracle gift of free-will to choose wisely how we live, and that individual choices will determine health over sickness and happiness over despair.

As we face strange and even treacherous times here in America, hopefully ThanXgiving will remind us all how we get what we deserve based on how we choose to use God’s gifts.

Happy ThanXgiving America. Give thanx like you mean it.