Hell hath frozen over: I agree with Eric Holder

March 18, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Well what do you know? Hell hath frozen over and we eagerly await a squadron of monkeys flying from my butt: Our gun-running attorney general, Eric Holder, and I agree on something.

Regarding the shooting of the two Ferguson, Missouri, police officers by a rabid punk, Mr. Holder stated, “This was a damn punk, a punk, who was trying to sow discord.”

Well, there you have it. I concur wholeheartedly with Mr. Holder.

It was comforting to know that this time Mr. Holder and his boss did not blame the shooting on green-tipped bullets, my arsenal of deer rifles, the supposed easy access to guns, so-called lax gun laws, or the National Rifle Association – at least not yet.

In what is surely a blinding flash of the obvious to the overwhelming majority of us but not to our attorney general, all violent crime is committed by punks. Whether it’s shooting the good guys in blue or shooting each other, it’s violent punks who are to blame for the engineered warfare by free-ranging punks on the mean streets of urban America.

The bullet-proof truth is that nearly all of the violence across America is located in certain sections of our inner cities. These areas aren’t America the beautiful but rather America the painfully ugly due to gangs of violent punks turned loose over and over again by a failed so-called “justice system” and Holder’s so called “Department of Justice.”

The bullet-proof truth remains that if you remove the gun-related violence caused by damn punks in our inner cities, America is about as violent as Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Ferguson is located in North St. Louis. North St. Louis is where much of the crime and violence in St. Louis is carried out by assorted fatherless, directionless, school dropout gangbangers, thugs, street rats and paroled punks. Maybe Attorney General Holder would even agree with that.

North St. Louis isn’t an anomaly. Every other major city in the U.S. has guaranteed war-like zones where violent, fatherless, school dropout, paroled punks shoot each other on an hourly basis, day in and day out, without so much as batting an eye.

The violence that plagues our inner cities cannot be explained away by institutional racism, as notorious tax cheat and terminal fraudster Al Not-So-Sharpton tries to get us to believe in order to perpetuate his racist con game.

It also isn’t the result of a lack of economic opportunity, as there is no opportunity for brainwashed, soulless violent punks unless you consider a grave or a prison cell an opportunity.

Banning bullets or blaming too many guns or lax gun laws isn’t going to solve the festering, gaping wound of violence. While that may score political points with the braindead politically correct crowd of sheep, it will do nothing to stop the damn punks who kill each other and shoot cops.

The public cancer we are dealing with is a lost generation of young guys who value bad over good, violence instead of respect, and death instead of life. Few make it out of this gangster cycle of death and fewer yet will ever turn their lives around and become productive assets of the community. They are a violent lost generation who have more in common with rabid dogs than human beings.

The National Rifle Association has long advocated longer prison sentences for punks and thugs who use guns in the commission of crimes. My suspicion is that mom and pop America agree with this approach over banning bullets and meaningless, counter-productive gun-control laws that will never do a thing to curb the violence that plagues North St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Oakland, Cleveland, Baltimore and all of our other dangerous cities.

Now that the damn punk shooter of the police officers in Ferguson has been caught, don’t “holder” your breath waiting for our gun-running attorney general to send in throngs of Department of Justice investigators to determine if the civil rights of the police officers were violated. That doesn’t fit his glaringly racist agenda.

Summer is coming. Warm weather always brings out the worst in the lost generation of damn punks who infest our inner cities. Don’t be surprised when our inner cities erupt in more volcanic rabid-dog behavior from these street savages.

Maybe one day Mr. Holder and Mr. Obama can truly cut to the heart of the matter as to why young black guys kill each other. Here’s a MotorCity Madman hint to the obvious: It isn’t because of easy access to guns, lax gun-control laws, or little opportunity.