November 19, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Mindless, racist mob violence running amok in Ferguson, Missouri, a chronic lying president that just can’t help himself, overpaid tax-gouging punks condemning American voters as “too stupid” to make decisions on our own, an economic suicidal debt clock from hell, a government refusing to perform its No. 1 responsibility of securing our borders, a president threatening to again break the law that he admitted is breaking the law, an outgoing attorney general who gives cop killers a break, more terrorist attacks on unarmed and helpless innocents, another beheading by maniac voodoo devil freaks, a brave Canadian soldier murdered by another voodoo freak because his government didn’t trust him with ammunition for his “security” weapon, still no justice for the Fort Hood victims of terrorism, still no consequences for runaway IRS abuse of power, still no accountability for Fast and Furious high crimes by power-abusing scammers at the top, still no accountability for Benghazi, the ongoing “all of the above” energy policy lie as the coal industry screeches to a halt and the Keystone Pipeline remains a pipe dream, the president and attorney general telling border agents not to enforce laws, trading murderer terrorists for military deserters, tax dollars paying for prisoners’ sex change operations, schools banning Christmas celebrations, racist policies for college enrollment still in effect, clear and present Second Amendment infringements still in effect across the country, thousands of good citizens being arrested in New York City for having a pocket knife in their possession, President Obama’s Civil Rights Czar Al not so Sharpton owing $4.5 million in long overdue taxes, and on and on and on beyond the pale.

So how does a good “we the people” American fulfill his responsibility to keep up with and fight to fix all the corruption, abuse of power and sheer criminality running rampant in our government these days? Hopefully, we all have our priorities and adequate escape mechanisms in place so we don’t all go crazy with the rest of them, but let me tell you how the old MotorCity Madman cleanses his soul and experiences the highly desirable out of body “physics of spirituality” escape to keep my sanity.

Constant dedication to fulfilling my “we the people” duties as vigorously as I possibly can forces me to intelligently maintain reasonable balance in my very active gonzo life.

Obviously, during my summertime rock ‘n’ roll tours, the music takes me far beyond the tortured status quo, and my feet rarely touch the ground when jamming my killer songs with my killer band for phenomenal soulmusic lovers everywhere. I almost feel like I’m cheating it is so beautiful.

But man cannot live during rock ‘n’ roll season alone, and I thank God every day that I was raised a hunter, fisherman and trapper, where as a hands-on participant in tooth, fang and claw reality, I get the full, maximum effect of the healing powers of nature. After all, as a hunter, I am nature. It’s so wonderful I can hardly stand it. I can barely get my Stormy Kromer hat over my halo.

I have forever planned my rock ‘n’ roll season during the pleasant months of summer so that I can properly celebrate spring, fall and winter just as efficiently.

I cannot begin to tell you how thoroughly consuming the sport of hunting remains for tens of millions of families across not just North America, but around the world. It is a scientific fact that annual surplus renewable wildlife resources must be adequately harvested to maintain healthy, balanced bio-diversity. Every hunt provides supreme challenge that will always provide the ultimate sport, while each kill also provides the ultimate quality organic meat and memorable trophy.

Every hunt for 99 percent of all hunters is always for sport, meat and trophy. In our never-ending pursuit of that definitive primal scream that is our reasoning predator instinct, we understand why Thanksgiving is celebrated in November as we give thanks for the annual bounty from God’s pantry that we live face to face with each season.

And speaking of Thanksgiving coming up next week, it is important to note, particularly in the face of dangerously expanding governmental abuse of unwarranted control over more and more aspects of our once free lives, that hunting families across America kill, butcher, process, cook and share more than 250,000,000 pure meals of organic venison with soup kitchens, homeless shelters and various charities every year from this annual, natural, essential harvest.

You read it right here first at The number is correct. For more than 25 years, through Hunters for the Hungry, Hunters and Farmers Feeding the Hungry, Share the Harvest, Help Us Stop Hunger, Sportsman Against Hunger and other hunter organizations, we’ve proudly and lovingly serve more than 250 MILLION delicious, nutritious, phenomenal meals to our fellow Americans without any interference or waste from Uncle Sam. No USDA, no FDA, no EPA, no soulless bureaucrats to wreck everything.

It is important to note that USDA stamped food is responsible for millions of food borne illnesses each year; hunter-killed venison: ZERO!

That says it all. Keep the malfunctioning government out of our lives and we the people will get things done properly, on time, efficiently and with little to no waste. Go figure.

So believe me when I tell you that there are plenty of deer, elk, bear, cougar, moose, pronghorn, caribou, ducks, geese, turkey, small game and big game of every species to go around for more and more of you to join in on the ultimate fun.

And believe me, too, that when the beast blesses you with its presence, life is absolutely beautiful. When I get a glimpse of a majestic deer in the forest or swamps, my soul is totally cleansed. There is no Obama, there is no Holder, there is no Hillary, there is no Pelosi, there is no death tax, there is no Lois Lerner, there is no IRS, there is no bad and ugly. Nature is the ultimate healer, and her good obliterates all the bad and ugly, at least for enough time to recreate our spirit, recharge our batteries and cleanse our souls to better get back in the fray to perform our civil duties to the best of our abilities.

Happy hunting season, America. Happy Thanksgiving every day, and happy soul cleansing in the great outdoors. Do it. The other side won’t know what hit them. Then keep hitting them till we take back America. Venison is the rocket fuel for the soul.