Hunter Patience In Between Seasons

June 3, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I sat for three hours Friday morning but didn’t see any deer. I sat for three more hours that afternoon, but still no deer.

Saturday and Sunday were repeats, as were Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday I was delighted to have a doe and her twins meander by, but decided to wait in hopes of a buck to arrive. But no go.

And so it goes sometimes in the wild, wild world of deerhunting no matter how prepared, dedicated, clever, strategized or lucky we may be.

I am certain that all the deerhunters on planet earth are more than well aware of the inescapable challenges of hunting and the critical role of patience when pursuing our inexhaustible quest for sacred backstraps and spirit time.

But beyond the deerhunting challenges at this strange time in the summer of 2020, this human attribute may very well better equip us hunters to deal with these most trying and challenging times of our lives more than most.

As the world burns all around us with the heartbreak of inexplicable violence and rampant crime and terrorism, hunting families fortified with the cumulative healing powers of nature participation can ride out this storm much better than those who have lost touch with important God, family, country priorities.

We can all agree that our hunting lifestyle provides the greatest sport available to mankind. Time in the presence of the beast is literally out of body for us.

Our outdoor recreation time certainly re-creates our spirit and energy better than anything else.

The precious meat reward of our dedication is not just the best food on earth, but the overall experience in pursuit of this most sacred protein fortifies much more than our bellies.

The occasional regal stag we luck into is not just a figurative trophy representing tangible evidence of ultra-success and patience at their finestbut much more importantly a physical and very handsome manifestation that reminds us of the dynamic soul cleansing time afield in God’s miraculous creation as an actual participant.

When God tests us with baffling trials and tribulations, the worst ever right here and now, I believe it will be the patience of the hunter that will guide us with a positive attitude to maximize the good while battling to reduce and ultimately eliminate the bad and ugly.

There always has been and there always will be good, bad and ugly. It will be how we handle it and prioritize our focus, energies and efforts that will determine our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness when it is all said and done.

So as I hammer out my little NugeBlog here during the cultural suicide insanity of the first week of June 2020, I shoot my bow daily, work the ground, love and communicate with my beloved family, pressure my elected employees to stand firm for God, family, country, US Constitution, hunting rights and freedom and think about October, November, December and January where the Great Spirit will make everything OK once again.

I happen to be jetting along at 30,000 feet on my way to Ringle, Wisconsin to fireup the hunting troops of that great state at our rally to prod, cajole, beg, beseech and throttle my fellow American hunters to stand up and vote God, family, country to put an end to the toxic assault on the traditional American family values that created the greatest quality of life in the history of the human experience.

If we fail to vote for representation of these values, you can clearly see right now what the alternative subculture has in mind for our great country.

Please join us at to make the pledge to register and vote, and get everybody you know to do the same. The American hunting family voting army can and must make the difference between freedom and tyranny.