I Have Met the Enemy And It Is Us

August 23, 2018 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I truly love the American Dream! Especially my American Dream. You know, that wild and crazy, radical and controversial individual right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness American Dream!

With our much-anticipated glorious annual hunting season upon us, there is nothing ambiguous or confusing about life, liberty and our individual pursuit of Spirit of the Wild backstrap happiness, that’s for sure!

Unfortunately, in these strange times of political correctness, government abuse of power and corruption and runaway fakenews everywhere, what is clearly truth, logic and commonsense to so many of us seems to confuse the living hell out of many of our fellow Americans.

Quality of life is always derived from quality of smart and proper decision making, so smart caring people always maximize the good while we fight to reduce and eliminate the bad and the ugly.

Truth, logic and commonsense will rule the day come September 1 as tens of millions of American hunting families celebrate another grand opening day of dove season.

But not in Michigan, New York or New Jersey, states that produce tens of millions of doves, because rotten bureaucrats have bent over to the lies and scams of the animal rights freaks.

Deerhunters in Texas, Ohio, Kansas, North Dakota, Nebraska, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky and elsewhere are putting out mineral blocks and supplemental feed to fortify their herds and maximize our fun time afield, but Michigan and other states forbid the practice based on lies and junk science.

Stop and think about that for a minute. On private property, an American landowner has been denied the simple right to feed wildlife for no reason whatsoever.

And here’s a true phenomenon in the so-called land of the free and home of the brave.

As our beloved rut begins to kick in around November and deerhunting excitement is at its apex, private landowners in eight states are forbidden to hunt their own farms and lands on Sundays.

Can you imagine a man telling an otherwise free American landowner they cannot hunt 50% of their hunting season weekends?

That’s the bad and the ugly that every caring American hunting family should deeply care about and be willing to fight for.

As the bureaucrats in my birthstate of Michigan defy and ignore the conclusive research of Dr. James kroll and the wasted 70 million dollar Wisconsin debacle creating a hodgepodge of unsubstantiated and failed laws and regulations forbidding the feeding and baiting of deer, the 90+% of hunting families that want the freedom of choice to do so on occasion are livid at such governmental overreach and abuse of power.

We will talk about a bold new hunter’s rights organization here soon, as Hunter Nation will fight to eliminate non-scientific laws and regulations nationwide in a united effort to end the runaway attrition and lack of recruitment in our conservation lifestyle.

Meanwhile as we celebrate all that is good about huntseason 2018, never forget about the bad and the ugly that is making life miserable for our fellow hunters and be willing to stand up, raise hell and keep conservation the science that it is supposed to be.

We deal with all these critical issues regularly on my facebook/tednugent campfire. Join us to maximize the good while we fight on against the bad and ugly and stupid.