I Love You

November 30, 2021 | « back


by Ted Nugent

Love makes the world go round; So they say. And in many ways, I am sure that it does.

Within our core innercircle family lives, I am sure nothing is more-true, but as hunters, we are connected quite powerfully in many ways that is everything like family.

Not a day goes by that I fail to tell my family members that I love them. More and more lately, I have been telling my extended hunting family members that I also love them.

Having lost so many friends this past year to old age and health issues, I increasingly make it a point to let my friends know how much I do indeed love them.

The silly tradition of my father’s generation to not utter the words I love you should be a thing of the past, for if we truly wish to make the world go round and bring happiness into those lives we care about, we should never hesitate to express such powerful, supportive, strengthening, sincere human emotion to everyone in our lives.

Nearly all my friends who died of various health issues had one thing in common; they were all dangerously overweight.

The statistics prove and all medical professionals will unhesitatingly tell you that somewhere in the upper 90 percentile of early deaths are a direct result of foolish lifestyle choices and suicidal diet choices.

As hunters, we of all people should know this and make certain we act upon such knowledge.

A dear hunting buddy fell out of his treestand recently while trimming some branches, figuring a quick trimming job didn’t necessitate the wearing of his safety harness.

He is lucky to be alive and his hunting life, and life itself, is changed forever for the worst.

Well, my name is Ted Nugent, and to all my fellow hunting families out there, I say unto thee; I love you!

And I want you to take real good care of yourselves so you can continue to live the ultimate life as hunters, and that means putting your heart and soul into wise choices in life beginning with diet, exercise and always wearing a fall restraint system everytime you leave the ground!

The sheer number of deaths, serious injuries and hunters paralyzed for life as a result of falling out of treestands each year is staggering, and most horrifically, totally avoidable with but a modicum of thought and responsible choices.

And that that glaring reality, the same goes for overall basic health choices! Think man, THINK!

Even though I hunt exclusively from rock solid ladderstands at a mere 12-14 feet off the grounds, we make it a point to replace all straps each year, double check the condition of each ladder, and I for one have vowed to always wear my Hunter Safety System vest, and make certain I have strategically installed extra treesteps to stand on in the event I do need them.

Tragically, the inventor of the Hunter Safety System died wearing his invention because he hung there for an extended period of time with nothing to step on to hold his dangling weight.

Honestly examining the ways by which hunters die in the field each year should be a shocking eye-opener for all us. In pretty much 100% of the instances, the death and or injury was absolutely preventable by just thinking things through ahead of time.

I love my fellow hunters, each and every one of you, and if we all truly love each other, and truly love this hunting life we have chosen, we must make it the battlecry of our tribe to reach out to each other with guidance and love to eliminate the unacceptable scourge of unnecessary injury and death of our brethren.

Always bring up the subject of safety at the range, in camp, around the campfire, at work, school, church, here, there and everywhere in our dedication to save the lives of our fellow hunters.

We can do this! We must do this! Let us do this!

It is the person who celebrates the most Opening Days that wins! Live smart and open up many more!

I love you dammit!

NUGEBLOG#443   November 25, 2021   Happy Thanksgiving Everyday America          by Ted Nugent

If I’m not mistaken (an extremely rare occurrence) I have written and published a Happy Thanksgiving piece every year for more than 30 years, and I’m raring to do it again, because giving thanks to God for this miracle of life and His spellbinding miraculous creation is the very least that we can do.

I believe there is no other segment of society that better understands the spirit of Thanksgiving than those of us who hunt, fish and trap. Especially given that this special holiday occurs in late November when armies of American conservation/hunting families are still hard at it participating in God’s renewable miracle, hands-on, boots on the grounds, buckpoles-a-sagging!

I for one remain mesmerized each and every day I am on the hunt, and the fact that I am indeed on the hunt each and every day means that I am in awe constantly of the powers and gifts of nature all around me.

In the extremely challenging endeavor to kill a deer with my bow and arrow, I am compelled to a higher level of awareness, resulting in a heightened reverence and fascination with the wild beauty all around me.

I sure don’t wait till Thanksgiving Day to give thanks, for the intimate relationship I share with nature as an actual participant forces me to acknowledge my humble role in His design, and it is impossible to not say thank you for every step I take, every breath I take, and every stunning view, sound, scent and dynamic that is showered upon me.

I will say it here, and I say it every day; Thank You Lord. Thank You very much!

We will gather round the Thanksgiving dinnertable with family and friends. We will hold hands and bow our heads, and say a heartfelt, sincere little prayer of deep appreciation for all the glory He has bestowed upon us.

We will dine on the bounty of the annual hunt from His life-giving natural pantry. There will be haunch of venison, roasted wild turkey, the occasional rabbit, pheasant, grouse or squirrel, along with a never-ending supply of healthy organic vegetables and other goodies.

Even in the hardest of times, Americans have much to be thankful for.

As hunters, we walk and stalk His miracle on a regular basis, knowing full well each day, each experience is a supreme gift of love. As conscientious, responsible stewards of His wildlife, we know we will always have deer and other game. Our thanks runs deep and meaningful for the simple reason we earned each delicious, nutritious morsel by dedicating ourselves to be stealthy, thoughtful, efficient reasoning predators. The harder the effort, the more delicious the rewards.

Think of the happiness factor of the Happy Thanksgiving celebration. Let us dedicate ourselves to extend the Happy part year-round, for a happy family, inner and extended, is really the ultimate way we say thank You to God for this amazing American Dream.

It is not just about the day or the meal. Giving thanks is something we should do each day of our lives, and the more we do so, the happier we will be.

The Thanksgiving Day hunt is as powerful a tradition as the day itself, for across the fruited plains, late November is the bewitching hour of the hunting season in nearly all regions.

Look all around you as you hunt deer, elk, pronghorn, moose, pheasants, grouse, rabbits, waterfowl and everything. Take deep into your hearts and souls just how mind dazzling amazing this whole world is, and get on bended knee for a prayer of supreme thanks this day right there where you are in the lap of God.

This is America! And she is worth every conceivable effort to keep her America!

Please join your freedom BloodBrothers at HunterNation.org to give the ultimate American thanks by joining the army of conservative licensed hunting families across this great country to resuscitate our American Dream back to the shining city on the hill she should always be.

Happy Thanksgiving America, every day.