I stand with our law-enforcement hero warriors

May 6, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

It must be the fact that my every waking day is spent with good, law-abiding, hard-working, kind, thoughtful, caring, productive Americans who dedicate ourselves to doing everything in our substantial power to do good and remain solidly in the asset column of life. Good people tend to weed out the vermin at an early stage. You know, the whiners, the dopers, the excuse makers, the bloodsuckers, the law breakers, the criminals and the scum. Good begets good, evil is as evil does.

No thank you.

All these good people in my life look up to and admire the heroes of law enforcement in our communities. By obeying the law, conducting ourselves in a smart, responsible manner, using common sense and showing a proper level of respect, we continue to have a positive, reciprocal relationship with cops wherever we go.

Sure, I’ve had a few run ins with the law in my nonstop 67-year high velocity rock ‘n’ roll chaos, mostly over silly traffic stuff and the occasional corrupt jackbooted thuggery of cops gone bad, but overall, I know the cops are dedicated to maximizing good while fighting the bad and the ugly on behalf of society.

On the other hand, when we see loony criminals going berserk and burning down their own neighborhoods, destroying private property and just being idiots for no good reason whatsoever, we literally don’t recognize the subspecies. I know humans, and those maniacs are not the humans I know.

Some of the good people I interact with each day are members of the proud law enforcement community who put their lives on the line day in and day out, professionally serving and protecting their communities with honor and distinction.

There are millions and millions of cops in America, and I am convinced, and believe the statistics prove, that 99.9 percent of them follow proper procedure, treat all people fairly and conduct themselves in an honorable, ethical and certainly courageous manner. They are not to be feared by good people.

Are there bad cops? Of course there are. Tragically, we all know that America’s top cop, former Attorney General Eric Holder, was responsible for running illegal firearms to Mexican drug gangs in his feeble attempt to demonize the Second Amendment and gun owners, resulting in the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry. That is an aberration and one that all good cops are ashamed of and embarrassed by. Hopefully, no other such egregious crime by such a top official will be allowed to happen again in the future as soon as we put a halt to the criminal “fundamental transformation” that facilitated it.

I am sure that other mistakes have been made in the heat of battle by the warriors in the middle of it all. And believe me, in the world of law enforcement, every day is a battle and every beat is a battleground. Instantaneous life-and-death decisions have to be made on a regular basis many millions of times over each day. We hear very little of these dangerous encounters because the police almost always do the right thing.

Even though our American law enforcement heroes are the best trained and most capable in the world (as proven by the Garland, Texas, policeman who instantly killed two evil monsters in an extremely difficult shootout), every situation is different.

It’s tough enough to remain diligent, vigilant and in charge while protecting our communities as the front-liners for law and order, but throw in the horror of a justice system gone mad and the engineered recidivism that puts all cops in increased harm’s way around every corner, and the average civilian has no idea the degree of dangers, stress, fears and sheer terror the average cop has to deal with each and every day.

Lifetime punks like Malice Green back in Detroit, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray are three prime and not out-of-the-ordinary examples of dangerous, repeat criminals that have to be dealt with constantly thanks to a broken criminal justice system.

New York Police Officers Liu, Ramos and now Brian Moore, like so many slain cops around the country each year, were murdered by evil punks that were in the judicial system but, as usual, back out on the streets to continue their evil ways.

Here’s a Red Alert to all people who wish to be left alone by cops: Obey the laws, conduct yourselves in a responsible, sensible manner, work hard, earn your own way, quit your squawking, and if and when you experience an encounter with law enforcement, keep your hands openly visible, obey their directions, be polite and do what they say.

It is true that real reform is desperately needed in our so-called justice system. But until the self-inflicted scourge of political correctness comes to a screeching halt where judges, prosecutors, parole boards and probation departments quit releasing violent lifers back onto our streets, our law enforcement professionals will continue to be burdened by constant encounters with the lowest forms of life, and they will do what they need to do to protect themselves and the rest of us.

The Nugent family stands with the good guys of law enforcement. We don’t stand with thug-life criminals who are out to ruin it for everybody.