I’m a rock ‘n’ roll clown – so ban me

August 21, 2013 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

The poor overworked tail must be near exhausted to death from all that nonstop dog wagging by the Joseph Goebbels and Saul Alinsky propaganda ministry scamgangbangers out there.

Though this is old news by now, do not underestimate how this recent smoke and mirrors diversionary tactic at the Missouri State Fair is not about banning a rodeo clown for simply doing his job – as in clowning around.

What this is about is “messaging” America about what will happen to you if you run afoul of the politically correct Speech and Thought Police by clowning around and poking fun at the president.

Funny, but I thought it was liberals who were the supposed vanguards and champions of free speech and tolerance. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t hear or read that the ACLU was rushing to the defense of the rodeo clown.

Any condemnation of the president, serious or not, and you run the risk of being labeled a racist or bigot by real clowns with the names of Jesse “Shakedown” Jackson and Al “Not So” Sharpton.

Taking their lessons right out of Saul Alinksy’s “Rules for Radicals,” the Speech and Thought Police believe they can silence opposition, including such powerful opposition as that by a rodeo clown, by smearing, vilifying and condemning anyone who does not march to their politically correct fascist goose-steppers.

Whipping up more fake charges of racism, bigotry and insensitivity, the Speech and Thought Police got what they wanted. They intimidated the people involved into apologizing profusely when they had nothing to apologize for, while ultimately clouding the important issues like IRS jackboots, NSA soylent greenies, Allah Akbar workplace violence jokes, Fast and Furious silence, food stamp and welfare scam vote bribes ad nauseum ad infinitum.

As a result of the harmless rodeo clown harmlessly clowning around, the president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association organization resigned, the rodeo clown has been banned for life from performing as a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair, and future rodeo clowns must receive sensitivity training before performing as clowns. And I will receive the tooth fairy look-alike award of the year, nearly indistinguishable from recent Nobel Peace Prize facades.

This is exactly what the Speech and Thought Police want to instill in Americans: Dare to do something, dare to say something, anything, that runs afoul of their politically correct standards, and they will do whatever they can to ruin you, embarrass you and label you as nasty as they can.

The goal of the Speech and Thought Police is to intimidate us into silence and compliance, especially as it pertains to criticizing or poking fun at our first half-black president. (I can’t get away with playing half-black guitar; my band would fire me if I weren’t full-on Motown.)

The message the rodeo clown story sends to those of us terminally stoned on common sense, logic, self-evident truth, free speech and basic humor is to be even more demonstrative, more outrageous and more committed to exposing liberalism as political poison. I’m just the man to lead the charge. I’m not known as the MotorCity Madman for ever biting my tongue.

This is liberalism on parade. Just a couple of weeks ago the Seattle Office of Civil Rights recommended banning the words “brown bag” and “citizen” from all Seattle government documents and speech. This week it is attacking a rodeo clown – a rodeo clown – for clowning around.

Political correctness is a euphemism for brain dead and soulless, and it’s also a foundational plank of the Democratic Party, which cares more about feeling good than actually doing any good at all.

The real clown on the international stage is President Obama. Thanks to the president, America is viewed as weak, shifty and inexperienced – and that’s by our allies.

Try your best to put me down as a rock ‘n’ roll clown, but you can’t intimidate me into silence, compliance or an apology. I won’t go away. This is too much fun. I play James Brown music. I must be racist.