December 3, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

This has got to be a test. It can’t possibly be anything else. The way this president and government overall is blowing it so royally on an everyday basis staggers the human mind, or at least the ones that are working properly.

I suppose in a pinch we could look at it as a comedy cocktail that would be produced if Lenny Bruce, Sam Kinison, Richard Pryor, Rod Serling, Alfred Hitchcock and Alfred E. Neuman all got together to see how much horror the American people could stomach before we stopped laughing. This Twilight Zone Psycho definitely Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest one too many times.

I’m done laughing.

With the tsunami of bizarre, truly insane moves by this president and his clear and present dangerous America haters surrounding him and writing his speeches, more and more caring, thinking, “we the people” Americans are waking up from their apathetic slumber every day, rising up, re-engaging this sacred experiment in self-government, demanding accountability and adherence to the U.S. Constitution – and making clear that we will not put up with much more of this nonsense.

The GOP suckerpunch in November is a powerful sign to this end, I hope.

Our hearts are broken by the constant abandonment of common sense and the blatant runaway criminal violations by Barack Obama. Everybody knows the list of outrages, but tragically, his blind sheepy followers continue to deny, lie, obfuscate and scam themselves.

Fortunately for the rest of us, our spirits are not broken, and I see renewed vigor and strength from good people everywhere I go. If we can halt or at least slow down this engineered ruination of America by these goons, there is hope that we can return to the common sense, goodwill, decency and rule of law that made America the last best place on earth.

Constantly catching our breath following one blow to the guts after another has become the new American mantra, but nothing could have prepared us for the president’s recent appointment of what may very well be the worst racist in the world today – his Reverend Al “not so” Sharpton.

Are you kidding me? This guy as some kind of race relations czar? Seriously?

And Al Gore is the expert on global warming, Michael “make stuff up as you go along” Moore will film the documentary, and I will edit the Lawrence Welk box set as soon as I hone up on my harpsichord jams.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Only to these off the cliff denial cultists does “Hands up, don’t shoot” make any sense, even though no one can site an instance where a black man had his hands up and got shot by a white cop.

In the world of the racist race-baiting industry, no one will ever let facts get in the way of their scam.

Of course, based on glaring crime statistics we are all painfully aware of, just since the few moments ago as I began to write this little ditty, I am bewildered yet confident that a black life ended at the hands of another black man on the not so mean streets of Chicago. It’s a way of life.

And though each and every black life indeed matters to everyone I know, clearly they don’t merit a protest, an inquisition, a grand jury probe or the time of day for his “not so” Sharptonness.

Barak Obama’s cultists/sheep have cited ad nauseum how brilliant the man is. And on some considerations, they are correct. He is smart enough to know which buttons to push to continue his Saul Alinsky and Cloward-Piven destructo march of America into the pits of hell – or at the very least, something far removed from the original concept of America.

This man and his minions know no bounds on how to destroy America.

I thought the whole world already knew that the redistribution of earnings is social/cultural suicide.

I thought for sure everybody knew a dismantled, weak military was an invitation to our enemies to have at it.

I know for a fact that race relations in America in 2008 were the best they had been in 50 years.

I also know for a fact that race relations in America in 2014 are the worst they have been in my lifetime.

Blacks kill and maim more blacks in any given month that the Klan has in the last 25 years. God help us all.

Brainwashed dependency is the worse curse man can cause to another man.

Creating a world where rewards and luxury are provided instead of earned is spiritual murder.

Providing excuses for rioting, looting, vandalism and crime is as bad as the rioting, looting, vandalism and crime themselves.

You can’t possibly expect anyone to believe you are out to help the middle class when you remove a country’s borders, rewarding illegal invaders to come and take millions of jobs at non-competitive wages.

What kind of idiot believes no security at Benghazi was adequate security?

Show me a human that stands upright who sees the IRS crimes as indicative of “the most transparent administration ever.”

What does accountability for Brian Terry’s death look like?

I dare you to explain with a straight face how the Allahu Akbar terrorist attack at Fort Hood was “workplace violence.”

Who doesn’t know that siding with Al Sharpton is the worse message anyone could possibly send to society, any society, black, white or other?