August 7, 2013 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

In the event you needed even more irrefutable evidence to know that political correctness is a toxic and revolting public cancer, according to, Seattle public employees are being told to no longer use the words “brown bag” and “citizen” in government documents and discussions.

The reason for banning the words comes from Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights, which wrote an internal memorandum to city employees instructing them to no longer use the words because some others may find them offensive.

This is liberalism on parade. And it is priceless. Bring on the clowns. Someone stop the clowns!

While often claiming that conservatives support banning things, it is actually liberals who do their best to suppress divergent opinions and who support banning books, guns, soda and words. Beautiful. And Dan Akroyd has a Bass-O-Matic for you.

Seattle’s banning of these two innocuous words is yet another piece of incontrovertible evidence that liberals want to control us, repress us and micro-manage every facet of our lives.

Masked as a political ideology that touts tolerance (which is the polar opposite of political correctness), what liberalism is really all about is vicious, hate-driven intolerance, which is the underpinning of political correctness.

Intolerance is the agenda of liberals. Liberals cannot tolerate conservatives who disagree and stand in the way of their big government boogie strategies and policies. They attempt to silence conservatives by resorting to smearing all who oppose them as bigots, racists, misogynists, homophobes, etc. Saul Alinsky and Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of the smear tactics of politically correct liberals.

It is liberals who throw pies at conservative speakers, picket conservative events, demand colleges not invite conservative speakers, protest and go berserk in a feeble attempt to shut down conservative rockers, and then sue or appeal to liberal judges to get the will of the people overturned.

People have been referring to their sack lunches as “brown bags” since the dawn of paper sacks, which amazingly enough are colored brown.

Here’s an idea for the Seattle Office of Civil Rights and other liberals around the country: Go after the paper companies who produce brown paper sacks. For paper companies to continue producing brown paper bags is an overt and obvious racial smear. Come on, liberals, do you really need yours truly, the MotorCity Madman, to give you ideas and direction?

If the Seattle Office of Civil Rights were on the ball, it would ban public employees from carrying their lunches in brown paper sacks. Clearly, this is an ugly and derogatory practice that has no place in 2013.

For the Seattle word cops to claim that some folks might be offended at the words “brown bag” or the word “citizen” is hilarious and illustrative of modern-day liberalism that genuflects at the altar of political correctness, which is about stifling free speech.

The term “citizen” surely must offend all those illegal invaders who steal the benefits reserved for legal citizens. God forbid the guilty feel guilty.

Conservatives should encourage politically correct liberals to continue banning words and everything else they disagree with.

If I were a typical stoned liberal gagging on denial, I would go after the American Indian tribes who dare reference a “Great White Buffalo” as their spiritual icon.