Kill political correctness 1st — then the devils of Islam

March 23, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Only cowards, idiots, left-wing dopes, psychotic excuse-makers, spineless hand-wringers and appeasing, stinky hippie Bernie sheep intentionally drown themselves in buckets of politically correct spit. They have been doing their best to drag the USA down to their America-hating level so that they can force their politically correct toxic spit down our throats.

Those of us who recognize that political correctness is more of an enemy to our great republic than all the world’s religious voodoo cranks know that it is a cancer that must be removed from our society and culture before we go about the business of securing America by permanently squashing ISIS and other religious rabid vermin who seek to violently impose their voodoo extremism on the free world.

It is political correctness and our own president that has allowed ISIS to flourish. Liberal dolts have drunk the politically correct Kook-Aid to a level of suicidal intoxication and have done their evil best to impose this death-wish on the rest of us through hate speech laws and other kooky, feel-good tripe. Hell, our president isn’t even honest enough to mutter the words “Muslim extremists” when describing the voodoo vermin who revel in savagery in order to please Allah.

In a blinding flash of the obvious, it isn’t the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, The Knights of Columbus, Baptists, Methodists, or even Republicans Americans need to be concerned with. It is political correctness and Muslims.

Jihadists love political correctness as it rolls out the red carpet for their evil ways.

How’s that multiculturalism working out for you, Europe, London, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Fort Hood?

Of course, not all Muslims want to blow up the Western world and kill everyone. No one has ever claimed this. But the cold, hard facts are glaringly obvious that there is a huge population of radicalized Muslims who are dedicated to slaughtering innocent people and are going to continue to do so until they are completely exterminated.

As in a city dump, the world is infested with rabid rats. There is no cure for them, no turning them into civilized people. They need to be wiped out along with their devilish ideology.

President Obama is dithering while the free world dies at the hands of these rabid monsters. If elected, there is every indication Mrs. Clinton will carry on with the guaranteed horror of self-inflicted multiculturalism that has turned so much of the world into a jihadist playground.

The question is simply this: Do we want to kill all these maniacal sons-of-b—hes and secure a future for all peace-loving people, or continue to play politically correct patty-cake games with the honor-killing, head-lopping devils of Islam? That is the choice. There is no other option.

Many of us are very confident that a President Trump or President Cruz would go about the business of exterminating ISIS and other radical Muslim extremists who worship at the altar of death and destruction.

However, the first order of business is to toss political correctness on the junk heap of other failed, dopey, liberal, feel-good death-wish policies. Continuing to cower to politically correct speech and other such deadly nonsense is ultimately sharpening the knives of ISIS and other Muslim extremists so that they can cut your children’s heads off.

Political correctness is anti-American, dangerous and wickedly dumb for a free society to embrace. It is a festering wound that if left untreated will certainly become gangrenous.

I know the military warriors of the United States. They are more than ready, willing, able, eager, cocked, locked and so very ready to rock to get the job done if only they had a commander in chief that was actually on their side.

Never invite rats, mice or cockroaches into your home. Kill them all before they even get close. Exterminate them. Then let freedom ring for decades to come.