April 23, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

You bring your $50 million bucks to go after freedom and guns, and those of us who remain addicted to and armed with bulletproof common sense will bring the facts, logic and truth to the fray.

In mere days, tens of thousands of the good guys will converge on Indianapolis to celebrate the 143rd annual NRA freedom party gitdown.

You may note, Mikey, that just like all the other NRA gitdowns over the years, the good guys and gals of the NRA will not be involved in any shootings in Indianapolis. With the exception of newborn babies, NRA members may be the most peaceful, law-abiding group of Americans on earth. You know it, I know it, we all know it – but for some inexplicable reason, you deny this self-evident truth and keep playing your dangerous little gun-ban games. Ain’t gonna happen, Mikey, not on my watch.

NRA members don’t shoot it out over traffic disputes regardless of your insane claims to the contrary. We don’t shoot it out with others over the colors of our clothes or choice of sneakers. We don’t shoot and kill each other over dope turf because we’re not on dope. 99.99 percent of all guns, which are owned by more than 100 million Americans, will never be used in crimes.

The violent crime problem America has is relegated to a few certain sections of our cities. What America has is a gangster problem, not a gun problem.

For those paying attention and honest enough to admit it, the statistics are replete, the evidence conclusive. The vast majority of gun-related violence is young black guys shooting other young black guys. The carnage in these neighborhoods won’t be stopped by banning guns. In most of these shootemup zones, the Bloomberg dream already exists. Guns are banned in these “gun free zones.” What kind of goofball would actually want more of them, Mikey?

The ugly societal wound issue of young black guys shooting and killing other young black guys runs much, much deeper than their access to illegal guns.

When reduced to its lowest common denominator, young black guys killing and wounding other young black guys is the result of decades of liberal policies destroying these communities, families and individuals.

What do liberals want? They want to spend even more hard-earned tax dollars on welfare programs that destroy people and make them dependent instead of reversing course and making people independent. Liberalism is modern slavery.

If we truly cared about reducing violence in certain parts of our cities, the first thing we need to do is to stop the insanely wasteful spending on every imaginable welfare program that have proven to be extremely costly, totally ineffective and have cheapened lives in those communities by destroying families and individuals.

If we want to see more violence, then we should stay the course, which is what you and the president advocate.

The result of a generational juggernaut of broken families and dependent people has led to a prison cell, grave or both for too many young black guys who have no respect for life, including their own.

Liberalism destroys lives and creates dependency. For Mikey Bloomberg to suggest that guns are the problem only indicates how insulated and blinded he is to the truth.

The NRA is made up of good guys and gals who support freedom and the Second Amendment. What we will never support is more feel-good, anti-gun nonsense. The 5 million members of the NRA will stand and fight for freedom.

As you read this, dozens more gangsters will be shot, killed and wounded tonight in our gun-free zone cities. Hell, we’re still cleaning up the dead and wounded from the streets of “gun-free zone” Chicago from Easter weekend. What say you, Rahm Emanuel? Are you kidding me?

The blame for this carnage isn’t guns. Its toxic liberalism. It’s condemnable that our so-called media won’t have this discussion.

Guns don’t kill gangsters. Gangsters kill gangsters.