July 29, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I joined U.S. Army hero warrior Col. Allen West placing flowers and praying at the theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, just a day after the horrific murder of innocents by an evil monster. In town to participate in the annual Louisiana Outdoor Expo with the wonderful conservation families of The Sportsman’s Paradise, I was compelled to share our heartbreak, remorse and support for the community at a time of such loss. Where we come from it is the basic common-sense American thing to do.

Known to be crazy and dangerous to everyone who ever encountered the psycho murderer, once again America must endure the self-inflicted horrors of political correctness and the bizarre, suicidal “gun free zone” insanity while refusing to take control of crazy, dangerous people.

In this ever declining “fundamental transformation” culture, more interested in not hurting feelings than protecting and saving lives, these nutcases continue to run amok on the otherwise not so mean streets of American neighborhoods – and we continue to do nothing about it.

If only real leaders could be found.

You know, like Luby’s, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Tucson, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Fort Hood, Charleston and all the other predictable, engineered gun free slaughter zones of political denial.

Beautiful, ultra-alive 21-year-old Mayci Breaux didn’t have a chance. A loving, upbeat student, cheerleader, model and all around wonderful, loving young lady with a glowing American Dream future, her precious life was taken from her, as America once again failed to take the glaringly obvious steps to keep crazies off the streets.

Jillian Johnson’s spirit beautifully represented the good folk of Lafayette. Everyone knew her and gushed of her positive force on the community. An entrepreneur, musician, artist, designer, craftswoman, this high-energy lady embodied the goodwill and decency of Lafayette and all good America.

Family, friends, associates, business partners, law enforcement, casual acquaintances and pretty much everybody who ever came into contact with the killer knew he was dangerously psychotic. His disturbing and frightening mental history was a blaring alert if only we as a society would respond to such warning signs.

Convicted of arson and numerous other crimes, even his family got a restraining order against him due to his violent and threatening behavior.

He was denied a gun permit by Georgia law enforcement, diagnosed as a manic depressive with bipolar disorder, the bureaucratic FBI National Instant Check gun screening background check system failed miserably when he purchased his handgun legally from a federally licensed pawn shop firearms dealer.

Feel safer yet?

Judges, cops, medical professionals, family, everybody dropped the ball, failed to sound the alarm, and once again two innocent souls are gone and many more are seriously injured in a gun free zone.

People of conscience are quite honestly baffled by this never-ending, inexplicable and ongoing dilemma.

When I was growing up in Detroit back in the 1950s and ’60s, we had mental institutions that looked out for those citizens with mental-health needs and the others that could be victims.

As the great work ethic/productivity epicenter of the world fell for the liberal Democrat scam, we went from a fine, proud, clean, safe city straight through the gates of hell to the most embarrassing hellhole in America.

Like New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, D.C., New Orleans, Atlanta, you name it, the cities taken over by the “feel good” Democrat scammers have all gone to hell with homeless, dangerous, mentally ill people running around at alarming and increasing rates.

Even in the face of overwhelming, inescapable evidence that gun free zones are where the most innocent lives are always lost, the Democrats keep pounding away maniacally that somehow more gun free zones are the answer.

And smoking more cigarettes is a sure cure for cancer.

This is clearly a mental disorder.

All this wasted nonsense clamoring for more gun control should end now, and caring Americans should demand the return of mental health care and the elimination of dangerous people from our streets and neighborhoods.

We all know what it looks like: violence, explosive, irrational, threatening behavior, certain outbursts and the refusal to obey laws and rules of civility and decency.

For example, if a public servant blurted out that our elected employees didn’t need to read certain legislation before signing it into law, but rather should approve it to find out what is in it, that would be a surefire indicator of mental depravity and dangerous, unacceptable behavior from someone in desperate need to be taken off the street immediately.

Crazy is as crazy does.

The only thing crazier than crazy behavior is good people who do nothing about it. That is simply asking for trouble, and it is high time we ended such irresponsible foolishness right away.

Save lives, lock up nutjobs and bad guys. Problem solved.