January 29, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

So we are really having a debate about how we execute vicious and violent monsters?

You have to be kidding me.

The latest round of debate is because it took 20 or so minutes for the murderous monster Dennis McGuire to expire after being administered a combination of drugs for his well-deserved death sentence. Monster McGuire found himself on an Ohio lethal-injection table after being convicted of raping and murdering a pregnant woman.

Close your eyes, dare attempt to envision that demonic sequence of events, then ask yourself how much mercy this subhuman mongrel might deserve if the victim were your daughter.

In the debate over the death penalty, the viciousness of the crime and the victim(s) always seems to get pushed aside. In the words of Hilary Clinton, “What difference does it make?” Yes, there are other heartless monsters out here who really don’t care.

No one speaks for the victims. Hardly anyone talks about justice.

The anti-death penalty crowd argues that executing murdering monsters – regardless the method – is cruel and unusual punishment. Their goal is to phase out the death penalty through all kinds of legal shenanigans.

They would be wrong.

I’m a big proponent of executing vicious monsters at the scene of the crime by the armed victims, but when that doesn’t happen due to the sheeping of so many Americans the state has the obligation to send these mongrels on a fast train to hell.

It takes forever to execute a monster, often well over a decade and at an expense to taxpayers of many millions of dollars. That isn’t justice. It’s a perverted legal system that cares more about the “rights” of the monsters and whether or not the method of sending these monsters to hell is “cruel and unusual punishment” than it does about ensuring swift justice be carried out.

What about the “cruel and unusual” violent deaths the victims and their families suffered at the hands of these vicious monsters? Who speaks for them?

I’m all for ensuring that our justice system gets it right before we execute a convicted swine. No one wants to execute an innocent person. However, when the evidence is overwhelming such as with Maj. Voodoo Hasan who gunned down our military heroes at Fort Hood, I say we get a rope and hang the bastard or shoot him in the back of the head ASAP.

Missouri and Wyoming are considering bringing back the firing squad. Good. They’ve got good shots in those states.

There is no debate regarding “pain and suffering” and cruel and unusual punishment with a firing squad. Death would be swift and painless. It wouldn’t take 15 or so minutes for a monster to assume room temperature after taking a couple of rounds to the head fired from high-powered rifles by your average American marksman.

The real death penalty debate in this country ought to be focused on the lengthy amount of time and insane amounts of tax dollars it takes to eventually execute vicious fiends and not how we execute them.

Liberals are right this time. The death penalty as currently administered is not a deterrent to crime. The reason for that is because it takes forever to execute clearly guilty monsters.

And the reason for that: Liberals fighting the death penalty every step of the way.

The majority of Americans favor the death penalty because they remain addicted to common sense, logic and justice. They know that a couple of bullets to the head is a quick and painless death. They also know our so-called “justice” system has been hijacked by teams of legal sharks and anti-death penalty advocates who wish to continue to rape and murder what remains of our justice system.

Justice should be swift. That’s the discussion that rarely, if ever, occurs regarding the death penalty.