National Rifle Association Membership Says It All

April 26, 2017 | « back

by Ted Nugent

Millions and millions of American families are celebrating the amazing springtime spirit of renewal like they mean it! Fresh fish filets and wild turkey breasts are cooking all across the land, along with those incredibly scrumptious morel mushrooms, wild scallions, leeks, fiddle-head ferns and some early wild berries. Wild asparagus will sprout soon and dandelion salads are just around the corner.

With more bears in North America than ever in recorded history, (despite what the goofballs in Florida and Colorado and California won’t admit to) the always thrilling spring bear hunting seasons are kicking off already, and there are few experiences in the wild as exciting as hunting black bears, grizzly bears and polar bears. The perfect tooth, fang and claw RugSteak boogie throttles on and I’m all in!

Everybody I know is getting down and dirty with the effervescent nostril flaring aroma of freshly turned earth as millions of farmers, ranchers and sporting landowners are plowing, discing, planting and fertilizing our crops and foodplots here, there and everywhere.

Like the Nugent family has done every year since around 1969, more and more landowners are discovering the joys and benefits of planting various species of coniferous, deciduous and all sorts of fruit trees to benefit the environment and wildlife habitat that is so pivotal to our quality of life.

Planted properly, protected and cultivated effectively, many new hybrid fruit trees will produce delicious pears, apples, cherries and other fruits within a few short years.

All this extremely fun springtime activity can keep us rather busy, but there is one springtime ritual that is more important than all of these combined.

For 150 years, the most important and powerful American family grassroots organization of all has its annual members meeting at this time of year, and right now in Atlanta Georgia, tens of thousands of freedom loving we the people experimenters in self-government are celebrating the pivotal life and death quality of life right to keep and bear arms at the National Rifle Association event.

First off as a proud NRA Board of Director, I wish to thank all those wonderful families who vote for me all these 24 plus years. I know that I get record votes simply because I am a fulltime 2nd Amendment hell raiser in a world gone politically correct and you all know I have always been and will always be an absolutist.

Keep means its mine and you can’t have it.

Bear means I’ve got a couple on me right now and they’re loaded.

Anybody who exposes their ignorance and dishonesty to claim otherwise is not to be trusted with we the people’s Constitutionally guaranteed God given individual rights, or anything else worth living for, for that matter.

I have eagerly attended the NRA annual meetings every year for more than 30 years and there is clearly no question that the finest human beings on planet earth make up the NRA membership.

With nonstop constant threats against our right to keep and bear arms from freedom hating goons, an NRA membership is more important right now than ever before.

Some have mistakenly fallen for the presumption that our gun rights are safe with a Constitutional POTUS in Donald J. Trump.

Just the opposite is true.

Even in the freedom drenched heaven of Texas, we are once again currently facing crazy anti-gun legislation.

And let us be completely honest- there is nothing approaching the right to keep and bear arms in California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Washington DC or anywhere in Canada for that matter.

And if you think going through all those absurd oath violating fiery hoops to get a permit to keep and bear in some places has anything to do with 2nd Amendment rights, then you have tragically fallen victim to the curse of politically correct denial.

We don’t need government issued permits for any of our freedoms except the most important one of all; the right to keep and bear arms, and that has to change.

So as you gleefully celebrate the wonderment of springtime as hands-on participants in nature’s glory and life giving renewability, be sure you put forth your very best effort and dedication to life’s most crucial we the people experiment in self-government ritual and responsibility and prove that you mean it by not only making sure you are a current NRA member, but that everybody in your family and friendship circles are members too.

Nothing crushes the freedom haters better and nothing says love like the gift of an NRA membership.

I am the NRA. Are you?