Never GiveUp Spirit BloodBrothers

July 28, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I can refer to you all as my Spirit BloodBrothers, can’t I! Well, of course I can!

That you are reading these words in this environment is irrefutable evidence that we are indeed Spirit BloodBrothers.

The historical spiritual term BloodBrothers being the timeless aboriginal colloquialism of a deep, abiding brotherhood of the blood and spirit that bonded both a biological brotherhood and tribal/village brotherhood, we must remain united in our fight for the soul of America and our perfect hands-on conservation, outdoor hunting, fishing, stewardship lifestyle.

That bonding code of being there for each other no matter what is alive and well right here and now during this insanity in the year 2020, and such a bond will play a pivotal role in the survival of our species. Especially our American freedom species.

As deerhunters we know all too well the inescapable truism that tenacity and that indefatigable Man in the Arena nevergiveuptitude determines whether we dine on hard earned venison or end up buying chicken.

As all the best elements of our American culture come under increasing attacks by strange, violent mobs, the American Man in the Arena better be prepared with an endless energy and dedication to not only hold our ground, but aggressively push back with all we got against the indisputable evil forces we are witnessing in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Austin, New York and beyond.

As I continue to raise maximum hell in the media spreading truth, logic, commonsense and positive We The People spirit everyday, I recharge my American batteries at the range with my Mathews bow and the spirit cleansing Mystical Flight of the Arrow.

As I daily practice and train with my bows and guns, scout my deergrounds, plant foodplots, put out mineral sites, check trailcams, fill waterholes, fertilize my fruit and mast trees, trim shooting lanes and trails, fill feeders, tweak blinds and stands and dream wildly about the soon to be soul repairing cooling winds of fall, I often question where all this energy and fight comes from as I approach my 72nd birthday.

Then I read my Emails and talk with my neighbors and am reminded how and why.

I am not alone. We are not alone. Self-evident truth, inescapable logic and ubiquitous commonsense is alive and well and spreading across the hinterland, and it constantly reminds me why I never giveup.

Just as I return to the magical deerwoods each and every day, no matter how many times I get skunked, I too will return to the frontlines of this crazy culture war to make sure we crush the animal rights scam masters and the anti-hunting nature haters that so perfectly represent the most reprehensible elements of haters and liars in our country and world.

Just like the driving force in our never-ending dedication trying to outsmart the mighty whitetail deer and all those amazing critters we chase each hunting season, that same undying dedication must be directed to saving our country, our heritage and the very soul of American freedom.

I join you in dreaming and scheming the upcoming, long awaited fall hunting season 2020, and I hope we all join together to fire the most powerful shot heard round the world for those supreme quality of life God, family, country, freedom issues that make America the last best place.

That life death shot for America must be locked, loaded and fired at the voting booth come November. More important than practicing with our hunting arms, more important than scouting our deerwoods, more important than pretty much anything else we have on our plates, is the critical importance of making certain we and everyone we know are registered to vote God, family, country, freedom, law and order, Constitution on November 3rd wherever we may be.

Please have everyone you know visit to make sure this incredible army of American conservatives are in the game. Will we show up for our children and grandchildren, or will we be missing in action? or die.