NRA had a party – and nobody got shot!

April 30, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

There really is an inescapable line drawn in the American sand, and it really is rather pathetic.

Over here on my side are tens of millions, dare I say a couple hundred million Americans and hundreds of millions more around the world who know, understand, grasp and celebrate the most powerful, natural instinct of mankind: the will to survive and the self-evident truth that we are all blessed with the inalienable individual God-given right to defend and protect our precious gift of life.

It’s called the right to keep and bear arms, for after all, unarmed and helpless is indeed unarmed and helpless. And though it is a choice, choosing to be defenseless is simply irresponsible and a clear and present dangerous invitation to evil to have at it.

That’s just plain weird.

On the other side of this line drawn in the sand are people who obviously do not value their lives or the lives of others enough to be prepared to defend and protect them. But it get’s worse. They not only choose to be unarmed and helpless, but are maniacal in their bizarre war to force by law everyone to be unarmed and helpless.

And don’t give me this crap about “reasonable gun control laws.” Every time they recommend more restrictions it is more than obvious they want to turn America into their Chicago gun-free zone fantasy.

Ain’t gonna happen.

It took a bold, unprecedented group of defiant folk to initiate the experiment in self-government and write down these self-evident truths to form a more perfect union and tell the kings, tyrants, emperors, despots and dictators to drop dead – for we the people will live a proper life of freedom and liberty, will speak our minds freely, make our own individual religious choices and be responsible enough to defend ourselves and our families.

Go figure.

This past weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Nugent family hung out and partied with tens of thousands of these wonderful freedom-loving families at the 143rd Annual National Rifle Association member meetings and convention, and oh what a grand party it was. My take on this perfect Nugent party was that there were more armed Americans with more firepower on their persons at this event than pretty much anywhere else on earth.

Yet another inescapable example of more guns equals less crime.

Indianapolis clearly represented the Founding Fathers’ vision. We were keeping and bearing, and there was no infringing. Nobody got shot, none of my fellow armed NRA members robbed anybody, carjacked anybody, did not spontaneously erupt into drive-by shootings and didn’t brandish any weapons over parking spots or road rage.

This armed society was an extremely polite society.

Conversely, in Eric Holder’s and Barack Obama’s dream gun-free zone of Chicago,under the control of their good buddy Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Windy City did indeed erupt in small arms fire, as it does pretty much every day of the year.

My side of the line is working hard to reduce crime and save lives. We know how to do it.

The other side, amazingly, is trying desperately to create more Chicagos and expand the guaranteed slaughter zone of gun-free zones.

Didn’t work at VA Tech, didn’t work at Columbine, didn’t work at Sandy Hook, didn’t work in Aurora, didn’t work at Fort Hood, didn’t work at the children’s camp in Norway, didn’t work at the Maryland Navy Yard, didn’t work in Chicago or Washington, D.C., last weekend, didn’t work anywhere and never will.

Write this down: Unarmed and helpless is unarmed and helpless.

No cop worth his shield would ever allow themselves to be unarmed and helpless, and no one with a conscience would ever force anyone else to be unarmed and helpless.

We at the NRA will never give up the fight to eliminate the gun-free slaughter zones perpetrated by and for crazy people.

The NRA is simply the largest, most powerful “we the people” grass-roots family organization in the world dedicated to remaining free to choose to keep and bear arms.

Special interests? You betchya. We have a very special interest in saving innocent lives, protecting our families and pushing back those crazy people on the other side of the line drawn in the sand in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, California and Illinois who are criminally infringing on our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed individual right to keep and bear arms.

Thank you for another grand freedom party, NRA. See you next year in Nashville, and let freedom ring forever.