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8469398028_260aceecfc_mExuding a love of liberty, guns and America that elicits either delight or dismay — depending on your perspective – the outspoken rock showman, humanitarian and TV host Ted Nugent debuted as an exclusive WND columnist last week.

Nugent’s column, entitled The Ted Offensive, will appear on the news site each Thursday.

“Ted Nugent rocks,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND. “And I don’t mean just as a music star. He rocks as an outspoken entertainer who is so politically incorrect. We’re honored that he would choose WND to sound off about what’s on his mind every week.”

In his debut column for WND, Uncle Ted writes about gun-control attempts: “For one free man to attempt to tell another free man what legal products he should or should not be able to own is the most gross and irresponsible bastardization of freedom I can imagine. But then again, I’m not a helpless, feckless, spineless, bloodsucking sheep waiting for direction.”

Read Ted’s debut column for WND, Let me be free, and his second column, Republican murdering U.S. citizens.

Articles from The Ted Offensive will also be compiled in the SpiritWild Writings section of for subscribers who want to look back at Ted’s writings in full. Articles will appear within a week of their original post date.


Here’s What People Are Saying about The Ted Offensive:

I will be a life-long reader of your WND column, as long as you write for them… I am a vet and I have been feeling totally isolated from the country I served. I would just like to say, Thank-You, from the bottom of my heart, for all you do for all of us, for all you do to protect what is left of our freedoms, for taking your God-given talents and bringing them to the conservatives of this country!” — Robin Wagner (Crossville, TN)

Best article (Let Me Be Free) I have read in a long time! Keep up the good fight and making the rounds on the liberal talk circuit. Entertaining, and you might even lead a few sheep to think!” — Chad McCallum (Wausau, WI)

Your debates with Piers Morgan are classic and should be taught in debate classes in college. I think you are right that Piers absolutely refuses to see that his arguments and beliefs are wrong. No amount of evidence will open his eyes. Welcome to WND. Be assured you will be one of my frequent reads along with Thomas Sowell, Walter E Williams, et al. I look forward to your future columns.” — Jeffrey K Regan (Independence, MO)

Ted Nugent on WND!! I loved, (and greatly agreed with,) your first column! I’m thankful for your voice and your tell it like it is style. I love watching Spirit of the Wild… I will be looking forward to Thursdays now on WND. You and Chuck Norris on WND,…that’s great!! With all sincerity, I thank you!” — Mike Corley