April 16, 2014 | « back

Ted was the guest of honor at the Salute to Heroes Patriot Dinner in League City Texas. But Nuge stresses the real guests of honor were clearly the heroes of the US Military in attendance at the April 12 celebration.

The event recognized the efforts of Operation Finally Home, a national non-profit group that unites homebuilders, suppliers and supporters to provide custom-built, mortgage free homes for our troops. The organization has built, and is in the process of building, homes in 26 states for wounded veterans.

Nuge, who serves on the Advisory Board of OFH, delivered a moving musical and spoken presentation which was capped off by the announcement that Marine Corps Cpl John Dowdell will be the recipient of a new home. The house is being constructed in League City—free of charge. Dowdell, who was wounded in action while serving our country in Afghanistan, appeared both touched and humbled.

“This courageous warrior and his family have sacrificed greatly for freedom and The American Way, and we are extremely happy to bring this well-deserved upgrade to their quality of life,” Ted stated. “I look forward to some great hunting adventures with Jonathon so we can get some beautiful deer heads for his walls!”

Nugent, who has long-standing relationships with an extensive number of charities nationwide, was asked why he was willing to donate his time and energies to this particular effort. “The Nugent family remains increasingly humbled and honored to be invited into the lives of these amazing US Military families’ lives, and are constantly reminded that freedom is not free, and caring Americans are the most generous people on earth when it comes time to give back.” Nugent said. “Godbless the warriors.”

To learn more, or to make a donation, visit OPERATIONFINALLYHOME.ORG.