NUGENT: All aboard for the Romney-Ryan Express

August 22, 2012 | « back

Republican veep pick just the ticket

As excited as I am over Mitt Romney selecting Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, I’m over come with giddiness that Mr. Romney’s first important decision has shown his conservative mettle.


For those conservatives who whine that Mr. Romney is not conservative enough, his selection of Mr. Ryan was a conservative grand slam. If his selection of Mr. Ryan is any indication of things to come, happy days are here again for conservative politics.

There are numerous messages being sent by Mr. Romney’s selection of fellow bowhunter Mr. Ryan.

The first and foremost message is that Mr. Romney recognizes that America has to get its financial house in order. No one understands how to defuse the gigantic debt bomb America is livingwith better than Mr. Ryan.

Our embarrassing $16 trillion debt and annual trillion-dollar kamikaze deficit spending by the Obama administration together are possibly the greatest threat America has ever faced. If we fail to tackle this insane self-inflicted problem, America as we knew it goes the way of the dodo bird.

Mr. Ryan understands America is at a financial tipping point with one foot over the edge. He hasn’t sat back and ignored the problem; he actually has done something about it. As the House Budget Committee chairman, he issued his brilliant “The Path to Prosperity” budget “blueprint.”

Much rough-and-tumble political hoopla will be made about Mr. Ryan’s plan over the next 90 days. Democrats recoil in horror at the proposition of accountability. Clearly, it is liberals’ kryptonite.

The Democrats’ lying political attack machine will put out nasty, false ads claiming Mr. Ryan’s plan will toss the elderly out in the street. Straight out of the anti-American Saul Alinsky playbook, the Democrats will scramble maniacally to do whatever they can to scare the elderly into believing Mr. Ryan is the Social Security and Medicare Antichrist.

Don’t believe any of it. The foundation of the Democratic Party is based on lies.

The truth is that left-wing politics have been an economic calamity and the cause of destroyed lives, businesses and entire communities. The Democrats think the federal government knows what is best for Americans. They couldn’t be more wrong, and the evidence is irrefutable.

The Ryan plan is exactly what America needs to begin the long and difficult journey to getour financial house in order. Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan know Greece-like economic doom is not an option. At least not for people who care.

In stark contrast to the Ryan plan, President Obama’s plan is even more suicidal borrowing, more life-destroying spending, more unsustainable debt, proving unequivocally that our president and his team of Fedzillacrats and Ivy League academics are in way over their heads. Surprise, surprise.

The second message being sent by Mr. Romney in selecting Mr. Ryan is directed at the GOP members of the House and Senate.

Entrenched in the D.C. swamp, GOP members have jumped the conservative political ship by ignoring or compromising their conservative principles over the past couple of decades. This was a tremendously bad move.

The result of compromising their conservative principles has been an unprecedented growth in the size and power of the federal government.

Fedzilla, as I accurately refer to it, has turned into a grossly expensive blob of inefficiency and unaccountability on the watch of the GOP members. Those days are over. Get on board with the Romney-Ryan Express or get flattened.

Elections have consequences. No presidential election in my lifetime has been more important than this one. We either continue to chart Mr. Obama’s course for Greece-like economic doom or we chart the Romney-Ryan course for financial stability and economic prosperity.

Mr. Ryan was a brilliant choice by Mr. Romney. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work restoring America.

The Romney-Ryan ticket rocks!