“Nugent Factor” identified as HUGE in voter impact

November 14, 2016 | « back

nugent-factor“Ted Nugent is not just a celebrity…he understands in depth policy issues at a level most elected officials, or even so-called experts, do not,” stated Randy Wood, Michigan Political Director, Donald J. Trump for President.  “Having Uncle Ted campaign for Mr. Trump was HUGE for the campaign. I don’t think Mr. Nugent’s contribution could be overstated!”

And others agree.  Here’s what folks are saying about Nugent’s pivotal role in shaping the outcome:

“I truly believe Ted’s energetic appearances at the last Trump rallies in Grand Rapids and at Freedom Hill, helped turn Michigan into a Presidential red state for the first time since 1988—almost 30 years!” —Frank Beckmann, Talk Show Host, WJR, Detroit

“This is officially the year of the straight shooter.  That’s why Trump won, and that’s why Ted has always resonated.  No BS, just unvarnished truth creating two kinds of people—those who can handle it and those who cannot.  Ted’s mere presence kept my state of Texas strong in the Trump column while many thought it would be close, and I guarantee you that the Michigan win is due to that state’s workin’ hard, playin’ hard population rising up in harmony with Nuge to say we’ve had enough.” —Mark Davis, Talk Show Host, 660 AM The Answer, Dallas – Ft Worth TX

“Ted Nugent was an incredible asset to the MRP and our efforts.  Anything we ever needed, he was more than willing to step up and help out.  His support and efforts contributed to successes in many Michigan races, including the Michigan’s victory for President-elect Donald Trump.  We would not have been as successful on Election Night without his support.”Ronna Romney McDaniel, Chairman, Michigan Republican Party

“Ted Nugent is respected by Michigan voters as much for his in depth understanding of public policy as he is for his guitar,”  concluded Randy Wood, Michigan Political Director, Donald J. Trump for President.