NUGENT: McNugent rule: Automatic death penalty

September 3, 2012 | « back

Justice requires satisfaction for murders

What a psychotic piece of subhuman debris did on Jan. 11, 2011, outside a Tucson Safeway store where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was holding a “meet and greet” with constituents was an unfathomable act of barbarism.

The result of his barbarism: Six people were shot fatally and 13 more wounded.

While that was an ugly, brutal and senseless crime committed by an obviously mentally deranged psychotic monster, sadly, another barbaric act was to follow at the hands of our legal system, which is vastly different from a justice system.

The obviously guilty mass murderer has pleaded guilty and has been spared the death penalty. Yet the death penalty is exactly what he deserves. For his crimes, he will spend the rest of his life in prison while six innocent Americans are dead and 13 more are struggling to recover from their wounds.

Sparing the killer’s life is not justice, it’s legalized barbarism. Allowing him to live out his days in prison is our convoluted legal system allowing Lady Justice to be mugged again and again.

Of course the killer is mentally deranged. You don’t need to be an overpaid prison psychologist to determine that. No sane person would commit such unspeakable acts of senseless violence.

But if a killer is deemed to be psychotic, he is held to a different standard by our legal system than a killer who is deemed not to be crazy. That’s a legal system that is certifiably nuts.

Psychotic or not, the Tucson killer deserves to die for his crimes in the most expeditious manner possible. Anything less compounds the barbarism that existed in the Tucson Safeway parking lot or a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., where 12 were killed.

Locking up the terminal whack-job shooters in prison for the remainder of their lives will cost taxpayers many millions of wasted dollars when all that is required is a 25-cent bullet to the back of their deranged heads.

But the do-gooders among us say we shouldn’t do that, that the state shouldn’t sanction “murder,” especially of those who are deemed to be mentally incompetent. Do-gooders are more dangerous than a sow grizzly with cubs or a coiled rattlesnake, as do-gooders champion and sanction legalized barbarism.

Those of us addicted to common sense know that the upside-down, backward and terminally stupid policies of do-gooders compound problems instead of fixing them.

The McNaughton rule, which basically states that terminal whack jobs can’t be held responsible for their crimes, is the ultimate definition of nuts. It should be replaced with the McNugent rule, which states that regardless of your mental state, if you slaughter innocent people, expect a bullet to the back of the head, most preferably at the scene of the crime.

So long as the American justice system is held hostage by mindless do-gooders who wish to enforce their toxic, brain-dead legalized barbarism on the rest of us, our only recourse is to be vigilant and ready to protect ourselves and our loved ones from these psychotic monsters. Shoot them.

Punks deserve to pay for their crimes with their lives instead of living out their lives and attending group therapy sessions on the taxpayers’ dime and further burdening the society they already have hurt deeply.

While jettisoning the Tucson killer or the Joker off the planet will not deter other psychos from attempting mass murder, what it will do is to ensure justice is carried out instead of being denied by idiots and a legal system that has gone over-the-rainbow nuts.