Nugent Proves to be Powerful Mentor

June 5, 2013 | « back

NUG_almaguin_nugentRocker. Hunter. And now…mentor! Ted Nugent is a man of many talents. And his latest effort is a role-modeling message that has proven to be enormously successful thus far.

On April 30, students at Almaguin Highlands Secondary School in Ontario received an email from the legendary guitarist and lifelong outdoorsman. It read, in part, “I salute you for zeroing in on my amazing disciplined quality of life.  Sixty-five years clean and sober, not wasting a dime or one precious minute on poison or listening to brain dead peer pressure has brought me immeasurable joy, happiness and success…I wish you Godspeed & hope you rock like you mean it!”

The email message was followed with an inspirational video message, shot at Nugent’s Michigan ranch. The video further encouraged the kids to say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco while standing up for what they believe in.

Instructor Stephen Todoroff states that there has been a tremendous response from the interactions with Ted.

One of the students found the courage to perform in front of her classmates for the first time after getting the message from Ted’s video, which encourages the youngsters to live life to the fullest.

“I would have never gotten up in front of a group of people to sing before, but Ted convinced me that if I didn’t take that risk, I would regret it,” stated the 11th grader.

Todoroff expressed appreciation for Ted’s generosity, giving his time and energy—plus a collection of Nuge swag, which the students used to create a Tribute Wall in their classroom.

“In a celebrity fixated society where most of the messaging is negative, demeaning and glorifies unhealthy excesses, it’s refreshing to hear a positive, life affirming message,” said Todoroff. “You don’t have to be like the rest of the herd—you can take your own road and be happy.”

Students and teachers alike now celebrate Ted Tuesdays, starting the day with a song by Ted played school-wide over the PA system.