NUGENT: Task One this Labor Day: Defeat Obama

August 31, 2012 | « back

Fedzillacrats bad for economy

Ask yourself this question: Are you better off since Barack Obama was elected president or not? For too many Americans, the answer is painfully obvious.

Regardless of his continuing efforts to blame President George W. Bush for our anemic and sluggish economy, the current economic catastropheis owned lock, stock and barrel by President Obama. It’s long past time for our president to man up and take responsibility for the economic train wreck he has engineered.

America hasn’t seen such a dismal economy since the Great Depression. Poll after poll puts the bull’s-eye blame on Mr. Obama for the mess.

Mr. Obama’s kamikaze borrow-and-spend policies, his addiction to job-killing regulations and his Marxist desire to punish producers with higher taxes have created the perfect job-killing storm. That plan is working out well for the president if you examine his real agenda.

The president and his masterful smoke-and-mirrors team scramble maniacally to spin the Saul Alinsky, Cloward-Piven narrative of how the economy is improving, unemployment is coming down and big-government policies actually work. It’s a pack of lies by a pack of liars. There is no recovery.

The $800-plus billion “stimulus” was supposed to keep unemployment below 8 percent. Instead, we’ve had 42 months straight of unemployment above 8 percent. We got ripped off royally, yet the president had the audacity to proffer the suggestion of another gigantic borrow-and-spend stimulus that would do nothing but further strangle the economy and sink us deeper in debt.

Regardless of how the president tries to spin it, the real unemployment and underemployment figures are probably closer to 20 percent. One thing is for sure: Re-electing our rookie president and his team of Fedzillacrats and ivory-towered, America-hating academics in November will continue this swan dive into the economic abyss.

The rudderless and sinking economy is the result of Fedzillacrats from both parties trying to tinker with something they don’t understand. These clueless simpletons have forced heaping stacks of absurd laws and reams of mindless regulations onto the backs of businesses and then wondered why the economy is stagnant.

What Fedzilla should do is to get out of the way of the free market as much as possible, but power-hungry bureaucrats rarely let that happen. These are the same clueless clowns who, if given the chance, would go down into the pits of a NASCAR race and tell the pit crew how to tune engines based on pompous presumptuousness. No thanks, clowns. Have you met my monkey wrench?

Fedzillacrats should be forced to sign a pledge that they will spend 100 days studying the impact on the economy for every piece of proposed legislation. The Chamber of Commerce, Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, and Steve Forbes should be consulted before any changes.

The U.S. tax code needs to be tossed into a giant wood chipper. Then toss in every anti-business regulation, starting first with Obamacare. This will jump-start the economy.

The criminally anti-American death tax and counterproductive capital gains tax need to be eliminated. Instead of having the highest corporate tax rate in the world, we need to have the lowest. That would eliminate unemployment.

Here’s a bold idea: Instead of putting a guy and his crew in the White House who have zero experience owning or running a business, let’s shift gears and elect a man and his team who actually have owned businesses, managed them for thriving success and understand in detail how the free market works.

If you want a job, the way forward is to put the president and his destructive gang on the unemployment line in November.

Then we can have a happy Labor Day next year.