NUGENT: Want a job? Vote for Romney

October 17, 2012 | « back

Team Obama can’t help you

It boils down to this: If you want to grow the economy and get a job, vote for Mitt Romney. If you want more anti-business policies and counterproductive government welfare, vote for President Obama.

The difference between the candidates is as distinct as the difference between me and anti-hunting and animal-scam goofballs such as Wayne Pacelle. I’m precious; Wayne Pacelle is the Potentate of Bizzaro.

The business community — the engine that creates jobs — is solidly lined up behind Mr. Romney.

In an interview with, Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas business tycoon, stated that he’s afraid of the president. “I have no idea what goofy idea, what crazy, anti-business program this administration will come up with next. I have no idea,” he said. He went on to say that every business guy in the country is frightened by the way the president thinks.

There isn’t a single poll of small or large businesses that finds the president leading Mr. Romney. Not one.

Poll after poll of Americans finds that we trust Mr. Romney over the president on handling the economy. Just a hunch, but maybe that’s because Mr. Romney has decades of business experience compared to the president’s zero private-sector experience.

What this election is all about is jobs and the economy. While other things are important, jobs matter most, as it should be.

Too many Americans remain unemployed and underemployed. Instead of improving the economy over the past four years as he promised, the president and his clueless policies instead have torpedoed the economy and made things much worse for everyone.

If a grade were given to the president on improving the economy and creating jobs, he would get an F.

Instead of cutting taxes for business owners, which would spur the economy forward, the president wants to raise taxes on business owners. You don’t need to be Steve Wynn or Steve Forbes to know that punishing producers is a comfortably dumb move.

Making dumb economic moves is the hallmark of this president and his team, who have zero free-market experience, including the secretary of labor. Again, just a hunch, but wouldn’t it be a wise move for the secretary of labor to have some private-sector labor experience? You can’t be my bass player if you can’t play bass.

Bottom line is that the business community doesn’t believe or trust Mr. Obama.

The bottom line for Americans looking for a job is that if the business community doesn’t trust the president, Americans looking for a good-paying job shouldn’t trust him, either.

If the singular most important issue is jobs in this election, then the choice is clear. You will cast your vote for Mr. Romney, and he will win in a landslide.

If you vote for the president because you hope he will improve the economy, my advice to you is that hope isn’t a job-creating strategy. Americans would be wise to follow their heads, not their misplaced, hope-filled hearts, when entering the voting booth.

A vote for Mr. Obama is a vote to prolong America’s economic woes for another four years. America can’t afford that.

Never give your car keys to a drunk, and never trust a socialist to run a free-market economy.