NUGENT: Whacky Harry Reid talks trash about Romney

August 6, 2012 | « back

Nevadan tries a desperate distraction

You have to know that times are desperate in the Obama campaign when Sen. Harry Reid is trotted out to contend that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for a decade.

Never one to let facts get in the way, the Democratic Senate majority leader offered no damning public statement regarding his views on Mr. Obama’s tax cheat czar Timothy Geithner a few years ago or good old leftist buddy Tom Daschle’s failure to pay his taxes. Then there is my favorite, Rep. Charles Rangel of “what me worry, who me, what taxes?” fame.

Where has Mr. Reid been on the subject of dozens of staff members of the Obama administration who are delinquent in paying almost $1 million in taxes? What say you about this, you old watchdog, Mr. Reid?

Denial czar Mr. Reid has a solid record of making buffoonish comments, this goofy blurt being just the latest.

The senator has not released the name of the person who supposedly told him that Mr. Romney has not paid his taxes. This is a typical left-wing, Saul Alinsky playbook ploy: denigrate, besmirch, lie, deceive, then try to slip away under the cover of darkness.

With less than 100 days to go before the election for the soul of America, the left is desperate. Desperate campaigns do desperate things scrambling desperately in a feeble attempt to gain anything resembling traction, including having a punch-drunk senator make another erroneous claim.

But nothing is sticking, except the president’s and his party’s kamikaze performance at trying to centrally plan the economy from the White House. The result: a cataclysmic economic train wreck engineered by President Obama and his team of Ivy League wonks with zero experience in how the private sector works.

This administration is a complete and total disaster unless you are a Fedzillacrat who believes that $5 trillion in new debt and a tsunamilike growth in the federal government is a wonderful thing. If this administration were a medical doctor, he would shatter our knees with a tire iron while trying to convince us that he was actually trying to teach us to walk.

The real news is that the first good bailout has begun: The president’s insiders have begun to bail on him as they recognize he’s the captain of a rapidly sinking political ship.

Even Cass Sunstein, the president’s animal rights freak of a regulatory czar, after putting the free-enterprise system in a regulatory stranglehold, has resigned. He’s returning to — you guessed it — academia, where he will sit ensconced in one of Harvard University’s ivory towers where he can pontificate about the need to grant constitutional rights to rocks and trees. What species is this guy?

Others in the Obama administration will soon follow Mr. Sunstein’s lead and begin to bail on the president. It appears that even freaks can take only so much insanity.

But the president will not go down without a political fight. He and Mr. Reid will dream up other crazy schemes and make outrageous and erroneous statements about Mr. Romney and his plan to put America back on the path to prosperity. They might even turn loose “Say It Ain’t So” Joe Biden on the campaign trail to wail aimlessly about his crazy world of make-believe.

The Obama team will continue to embarrassingly play the hateful race card, the vile class-warfare card, and every other divide-and-conquer card they can think of. Now that they have backed themselves into a corner with their failed policies and agenda, they will resort to yet more desperate political ploys.

The Obama camp cannot run on its dismal, failed record. The only political move they have left is to try and turn the American public’s attention away from their dismal record and to demean Mr. Romney in any way they can. Smoke, mirrors, lying, cheating and trumped-up character assassinations are the Chicago way.

Let’s be smarter than four years ago when we got exactly what we deserved — a die-hard leftist amateur community organizer with no productive experience except being a political street hustler.

Possibly, no man has ever inhabited the White House with less experience at anything — private sector or public — than Mr. Obama. The truth stings, Harry Reid.