NugeYear Deerhunting Resolutions

January 1, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

2020! Are you kidding me! You expect me to believe we have now entered the year of our Lord 2020, 73 firebreathing, crazy years after my original eruption onto planet earth!

Can this be, you ask? Well, yessireebob it tiz, and don’t you think for one exciting, rock-n-roll, backstrapping minute that I am about to let one fun filled moment get away from me.

If you can believe it, my very first New Years resolution for 2020 is to get even more intense this year than ever before. You know, fulltilt boogie double-slam Gonzo carpe’ diem, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness like a man possessed!

Afterall, I do indeed qualify on all imaginable levels of possessed and obsessed with this fascinating American Dream thing I have dedicated myself to for 71 big ones, and how dare we not live it to the absolute fullest possible best of our ability level every damn day!

I say turn up the heat! Go wild like never before.

Rock harder, hunt harder, shoot straighter, love more, give more, do more, share more, think more, and make a gungho concentrated effort to be the most positive force for God, family and country for my opening volley in 2020.

Truth, logic, commonsense and the American Way has always been my battlecry, but starting right here, right now, it you can imagine, I’m going even more crazy with such positive forces than I ever have before.

Now, mind you, in order to increase the energy and human forces for such a lofty goal, balance of effort and energy management will be critical for the level of upgrade I seek.

Here in the campfire of the conservation world, I suppose we can start with my resolution to hunt harder.

Surely that does not necessarily mean more days of hunting, for how could I possibly increase my hunting days to more than 300 a year!

Instead, my gungho approach will actually manifest itself in hunting smarter, instead of just more often.

If I’ve learned anything in my long life, it is that the slower and more tuned in I hunt, the more gratifying overall each outing is regardless of bagging game or not.

The real world predator truth is that slower is always much deadlier.

So slower it is.

Now for the equally important segment of my American Dream, the always invigorating world of musical mayhem and my version of animal breeding rhythm and blues rock-n-roll soundtrack of sonic bombast and earth shattering grind groove.

Well, at 71 I cling to the resonating words of the worlds most impressive spiritual philosopher, our hero Dirty Harry, when he decreed that a good man knows his limitations.

So, with that wisdom still ringing in my ears, I vow to rock harder than young Ted, but only for 6 weeks this summer! That gives me more leeway to hunt smarter more often! And that just so happens to include my appearance at Bowfest, Friday June 24 in Superior, Wisconsin!

Talking about the confluence of my two priority planets! Gonna be a serious rocking hoot for sure!

At my age, there really isn’t much wiggle room for any new, earth shattering New Year’s resolutions, for I figured out many moons ago exactly what my purpose and drive in life were, so for the most part, I remain in upgrade mode of mostly established procedures as it is.

All I know is that if God has blessed me with another year, and I am going to use it with all my heart and soul.

I’m going to kiss and hug my wife and dogs more. I’m going to jam on my guitar more. I’m going to make the band tighter and more ferocious. I’m going to sight in all those rifles I’ve been waiting to sight in all these years. I’m going to train with my daily carry arm more intensely. I’m going to increase my oneness with my mystical flight of the arrow farther and tighter. I’m going to call and visit with all my children, grandchildren and brothers and sister more. I’m going to shoot more squirrels for my dogs. I’m going to be a better shotgunner. I’m going to raise more hell in the media for God, family and country conservative American values. I’m going to kill more deer and donate more venison to my fellow needy Americans. I will trap and shoot more varmints. I’m going to work on my trucks and cars more. I’m going to improve the habitat and plant more trees on my properties. I’m going to put more pressure on my elected officials nationwide to adhere to their Constitutional oath. I am going to fight harder against the scourge of liberalism destroying our great country. I am going to increase my support for cops, 1st responders and all military heroes and their families. I will go further out of my way to be polite and courteous to everyone, even the goofballs. I will increase further yet my positive spirit, goodwill and decency everywhere I go.

I will look to the heavens each and every day thanking the Good Lord for making me an American, and fight harder yet to bring peace, liberty and freedom to all peoples who will accept it.

2020 baby! Gonna be a blast!