Oakland Press: Ted Nugent celebrates 65th birthday with 6,500th concert

July 19, 2014 | « back

NUG_admat_smallTed Nugent is never at a loss for hyperbole — so hearing that he’s “intoxicatingly happy” is not exactly a news flash.

But when he’s talking about SHUTUP&JAM!, his first new album in seven years, the Motor City Madman’s excitement seems genuine. And not at all misplaced.

“I think the freshness, the garage band piss ’n’ vinegar factor has always been a powerful driving force in all of my music and my life, obviously,” says Nugent, 65, “but now more than ever these songs represent such spontaneous combustion. Every day, when I come in from doing my chores and doing my lifestyle, I pick up the guitar … and these songs just happened.”

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