October 16, 2013 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

The Obama administration has had almost four years to strategize, organize, test and implement a technological solution for Americans to sign up for his dysfunctional Obamacare Scam.

The website, like Obamacare itself, is an embarrassing anti-health-care nightmare.

Even some Fedzillacrats admit that in order for the Fedzilla health-care Ponzi Scheme to work, young and healthy Americans must be forced to sign up and then get knowingly ripped off by paying outrageous premiums in order to finance health care of the growing numbers of various freeloaders and bloodsuckers.

Before getting scammed and fleeced, young Americans would be wise to read up on their history. The Obamacare Scam is analogous to the Social Security Ponzi scheme in which workers get fleeced to pay for benefits of retirees.

Back in 1950, the Social Security Ponzi Scam was going gangbusters. There were almost 17 workers supporting just one retiree. The Happy Days scam was on a roll.

Today, however, the Social Security Ponzi scheme is falling apart and quickly going broke as all Ponzi schemes ultimately do. Today, just three workers support one retiree, and Americans are living over 10 years longer than we did in the 1950s.

To add insult to injury, the crooks on Capitol Hill robbed the Social Security Trust Fund long ago and blew all our money – then they placed a big, stinking worthless IOU in the till where there should be trillions of dollars. This is the largest heist in the history of the world by the worst criminal scam artists ever.

If you think the Obamacare Scam Ponzi scheme is going to operate any differently, I would like to sell you the Lincoln Memorial.

The massive amount of waste, fraud, corruption, graft and outright thievery associated with the Obamacare Scam Ponzi scheme will cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. This is before the Fedzillacrats find a way to steal the rest of our money. When they figured they could rob our families with the death-tax ripoff, all bets were off.

No one knows exactly how much fraud there is in Medicare and Medicaid each year, but it is surely running into the tens of billions each year. Ho-hum. Move along. Nothing to see here.

When Fedzilla is in charge, get ready to get ripped off, scammed and fleeced to the hilt.

Americans would be wise to study my hero, Rosa Parks, and apply some civil disobedience by not signing up for Obamacare. Simply refuse. The worse that can happen is a couple of hundred dollar fine compared to the annual thousands of dollars in blown premiums and the horror of exploding premiums and horrendous deductibles.

That’s exactly what is happening so far. Hardly any Americans have signed up for this Fedzilla health-care nightmare.

The GOP is busy trying to find ways to defund the Obamacare Scam. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are my heroes. The easiest and most effective way to properly drop kick this joke is to simply tell Americans not to sign up and to pay the fine instead.

Civil disobedience is coded deep in our American DNA. It’s time we use it to our financial and freedom advantages. If we do, the Obamacare Ponzi scheme implodes in on itself.

Go ahead, make my day.