September 30, 2020 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Stop the presses! Release the hounds! Houston, we have Spirit Arrow LIFTOFF! THE DAY of infamy has arrived and the American bowhunting spirit hath risen once again! Sanctuary for the mind, body, spirit and soul is upon us!

Say Hallelujah and Amen brothers and sisters!

Celebrate it like you mean it!

A snarling, growling, singing, howling, joyous, gnashing of teeth Happy Happy October 1, 2020 my fellow mystical flight of the arrow Fred Bear BloodBrothers everywhere! Today, all is good with the world! Everything bad and ugly in life has just been obliterated and momentarily washed away by this magical, mythical, wonderful, long awaited traditional October 1st Opening Day of archery season in many American families’ lives.

I know! I know! Many an arrow has already been unleashed across the land and many backstraps have been lovingly carved from hard earned trophy kills here, there and everywhere as so many hunting seasons have opened up in many states and provinces by now.

But for this old guitarslamming bowhunting addicted backstrapper, and so many others like me, no other day of the year resonates quite so powerfully as October 1!

The Autumnal Equinox builds steam!

Amazingly, this is my 71st October 1 since birth in December of 1948, and of course I didn’t actually stalk the deerwoods of Michigan in my diapers those first few years, but with my dear old dad already celebrating the Fred Bear bowhunting boogie, the magical sights, sounds, smells, sensations and spirit of those early years certainly imprinted on me from day one, and I am here to tell you, I am feeling mighty, mighty good right about now!

Fortunately, much well thought out conservation progress has been made across America with many states waking up to the many beneficial upgrades provided by opening archery seasons earlier than the traditional October 1 standard, and those better, smarter states better accomplish the conservation 101 wiser use of wildlife resources by increasing family hours of outdoor recreational opportunities and increased revenue generation while better utilizing those critter resources for undeniable win, win, win all around.

Until Michigan and Texas and other states wake up to the sound science of such basic conservation upgrade realities, those of us in October 1 states will cherish the moment like we mean it and unleash the inner reasoning predator with much arrow flinging aplomb and passion.

All around Tribe Nuge in our sacred Michigan swampland wildlife paradise, the stunning, fiery colors of autumn are coming on like gangbusters. Increased waterfowl staging is accelerating exponentially by the day, cock pheasants and sandhill cranes are sounding off more and more, and the delicious, volatile hunting season air calls my name stronger than ever before.

In this sad, embarrassing world of runaway fakenews and treasonous violence erupting all around us, the soul cleansing sanctuary powers of our sacred hunting season is more important for mental, physical and spiritual health than ever before.

As the ultimate recreation, our beloved hunting lifestyle is indeed the definitive re-creator of our wellbeing and peace of mind.

Go afield with a good attitude and love for nature and her creatures as often as you can possibly muster my friends. Lord knows I will!

Slow down and return fully to the purity of our primal tooth, fang and claw duties of nature participant perfection. Recharge those depleted and wounded modern batteries. Cleanse the soul thoroughly with God’s most powerful medicines and remedies of the wild.

Aim small, miss small and reward yourselves with the ultimate gift of nature’s elixirs.

Become one with the spirit of the beasts and the wind. It is here! October!

Use every October day to the best of your ability to get to the even better month of November!

Lord have mercy! Is this IT or what!