November 20, 2013 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Billionaire media mogul and mega successful American black woman Oprah Winfrey (Big O), through hard work, dedication and superior talents, achieved her enormous wealth due primarily to white women supporting her and her show. Good for her.

Yet, the Big O believes there are Americans who don’t like Mr. Obama because of his skin color.

In an interview with the BBC, the Big O stated, “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African-American.”

Someone should remind the Big O that President Obama was elected because of white voters.

Sure, there are pockets of both white and black numbskulls who hate purely on the color of skin. A blinding newsflash of the obvious for the Big O: There always has been and there always will be.

Small pockets of closet racist numbskulls are not harming America and never will, as institutional racism is as dead as the Dodo Bird. Job opportunities for qualified black people are as equal as qualified white applicants. Maybe more so due to affirmative action.

What hurts real positive progress is when the Big O and others fan the very faint embers of racism for whatever dumb reason.

Regarding racial division, the Big O might want to review poll numbers that indicate racial division is expanding in America. An argument can be made that this is result of Mr. Obama’s actions.

The Big O may recall that Mr. Obama had to have a beer in the Rose Garden because he opened his mouth and said some presumptuous things along racial lines.

The Big O may also recall that Mr. Obama’s Department of Justice refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers over videotaped felonious voter intimidation.

The Big O may also recall that Mr. Obama whipped out the race card on the Trayvon Martin issue yet has said nary a word about black-on-white crime, which occurs much more often than white on black crime.

Mr. Obama has not united the country as he promised, but has instead split it wide open.

That being said, the reason Mr. Obama is not currently very popular is because of his policies, not his skin color. If the Big O believes it is because of his skin color, then she is clueless and is looking at this through the lens of racism.

Americans have never supported Mr. Obama’s takeover of the nation’s health care. That’s got nothing to do with racism, but rather a belief that Fedzilla does not have our health-care interest in mind. Couple that with Mr. Obama’s lie that “if you like your health-care and your doctor, you can keep them,” and you have a first-rate boondoggle that has zero to do with the color of the president’s skin.

The Big O and others who play the race card lose respect among people of all races. You can only cry wolf so long before people ignore you and move on.

She has influence over millions, but what does she really believe? Get Josh McDowell’s expose ” God: A Dialogue on Truth and Oprah’s Spirituality”

If the Big O wanted to opine about race, she should have focused on the bleak condition of black America as a direct and undeniable result of the historical racist policies of the Democratic Party.

Under the president’s tenure, the economic condition of black Americans has not improved. In fact, it has gotten much worse. An interesting argument can be made that if Mr. Obama were white, there would be marches on D.C. to demand something be done about the dismal and bleak economic conditions of black Americans under these destructive policies.

In many urban areas, the high school drop out rate of black kids is over 50 percent. Surely, the Big O does not blame white racism for this horrible condition that will set up these young people for a very difficult life.

Seventy percent of black kids are being raised in single-parent households. This, too, is a recipe for disaster.

The minute and inconsequential remnants of white racism have nothing to do with the pathetic condition of many black Americans. The problem is liberalism and all of its failed trappings.