April 8, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Family birthdays and anniversaries. Independence Day. Veterans Day. Opening day of deer season. Memorial Day. December 7th. D-Day. And right up there with all these grand celebratory occasions is the greatest family freedom party every year when the National Rifle Association gathers for our annual members’ meetings.

The goodship NRA has set sail for Nashville this weekend where 60 to 70 thousand freedom junkies will celebrate the Second Amendment, fondle untold tonnage of glorious firepower and sporting goods, and celebrate the ultimate good while condemning the bad and shining a blazing light of truth upon the ugly.

The NRA convention, which is arguably America’s most peaceful annual family gathering, will occur in Nashville on April 10-12. The NRA convention will be as peaceful as the newborn floor at your local hospital.

With the presence of tens of thousands of guns and tens of thousands of gun owners, there will be no so-called gun-violence at the convention. There never is.

Everybody knows more guns equals less crime.

What will be at the convention will be plenty of smiles, happy families, unlimited goodwill, decency and genuine “we the people” concern and action.

NRA members are concerned because the vacuous, intellectually challenged creeps on the left are always looking to strip Americans of our Second Amendment rights. Like our forefather Minutemen who were ready at a moment’s notice to shoot the King’s Redcoat stormtroopers, the NRA stands guard to protect our Second Amendment freedoms from anti-common sense and anti-gun goons such as former Big Apple Mayor Mikey Bloomberg and his hygiene-challenged jester Michael Moore.

The bulletproof truth is that if they could get away with it, the anti-freedom leftist hit squads would relegate the Second Amendment to the history books and confiscate our guns in a heartbeat. Various leftists, socialists, commies and Marxists hate the Second Amendment, hate guns, hate the NRA, hate freedom and hate me.

I couldn’t be prouder.

The NRA stands proudly, resolutely and boldly in their path as the freedom haters feebly scramble to crush freedom and liberty. As a proud Texan refusing to back down, I remember the Alamo and believe that Davy Crockett spiritually willed Old Betsey to me, so I swing her proudly every day in the media to illuminate the left’s anti-gun propaganda and America-destroying agenda.

If the facts were the only variable in this culture war street brawl, the brawl would have been over decades ago, with the pro-gun team thrashing and smashing the left’s hollow and shrill diatribes and nonsensical hyperbole.

But the culture brawl is not about facts, logic and truth. It’s about swaying public opinion through crafty and slick messaging. The anti-gun propaganda hit squads have recognized this for years. In fact, our Fast and Furious gun-running attorney general, Eric Holder, essentially said this a few years ago when he talked about the importance of literally “brainwashing” the American public against guns.

Our public indoctrination schools, lapdog media, politically correct government goons, some deskjockey cops and other useful pawns have willingly drunk the anti-gun propaganda Kool-Aid. They artfully blame so-called gun-violence on supposed lax gun laws, the NRA, the so-called gun show loophole and other such proven nonsense. Too many intellectually shallow and easily manipulated Americans have fallen for their anti-freedom trickery.

The reality is that the 5 million NRA members and the roughly 10 million Americans with conceal-carry permits don’t commit gun crimes. We are peaceful, law-abiding good guys who, according to leftist, Che Guevara-worshiping stooges, are at fault for young black guys killing other young black guys in St Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans and Chicago on a daily basis.

America doesn’t have a gun-violence problem. What America has is a paroled thug problem.

America doesn’t have too few gun laws. We have too many gun laws.

There is no gun-show loophole. There is no such thing as “cop killer” bullets. There is no such thing as “Saturday night specials.” AR rifles are not assault weapons. Standard-capacity magazines are not high-capacity clips.

There is nothing in America more stringently regulated than firearms. What America is infested with is an avowed group of anti-gun goons who spread lies to further their anti-freedom agenda.

The real risk to America is punks who assault freedom through lies and subterfuge.

Cops aren’t concerned about high-capacity magazines. They’re concerned about our criminal justice system that releases violent street rats back on the streets time and time again.

The NRA isn’t even remotely responsible for the gun-related violence on the Southside of Chicago or in North St. Louis neighborhoods. The reason for the violence is decades of Fedzilla wasteful spending that has destroyed communities, families and people.

Freedom is always worth fighting for. Old Betsey and I look forward to seeing you in Nashville.