Permit to carry? It’s called the 2nd Amendment

October 21, 2015 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Watching and listening to so-called journalists discuss firearms and the Second Amendment could well represent the ultimate test for one’s logic meter. I have made a vow to switch off the radio in my truck immediately as soon as the issue comes up – a wise decision for not only retaining my well-developed sanity, but to keep me from jerking my pick-up into the ditch due to the abject shock from all the nonstop nonsense and outright BS from clueless pundits and assorted numbskulls.

Here’s a few little gun facts I don’t think will get in the way of the runaway ignorance spouted constantly in the media, but I am compelled nonetheless to get them out there in hopes that someone, somewhere may actually give a damn about truth, logic, common sense and evidence.

Even my otherwise accurate friend Bill O’Reilly just last night misstated that the Illinois FOID (Firearms Owners ID) card was a permit to carry. It is not. It is just a Cuba, Russia, China, Japan-type government permit to purchase and own a firearm and or ammunition. A FOID card is not a permit to keep and bear arms. It is a criminal infringement by elected employees of their oath to the U.S. Constitution.

Our individual American keeping, bearing and carrying permit already exists in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, just FYI.

When CBS News (aka-CBS Propaganda Ministry) did their totally false report (scam) on guns in America, they aired footage of some lying dude firing off a fully automatic Kalishnikov AK47 Russian machine gun, claiming how ubiquitous and easy this rifle was to purchase on the streets anywhere USA, and how it is so often used in crime in America.

False, false, false, false and false.

According to every crime study known to man, there has never been a crime committed in America with an AK47. In fact the use of any rifle in crimes in America is more parallel to the use of Buicks as getaway cars in bank heists.

When Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera clamored for new gun laws to halt the carnage of mass murderers, neither of them, nor any other such clamorer from the dishonest fantasizers out there, has ever suggested one law that would have kept a gun out of the hands of the evil, murderous perpetrators in any of those instances.

Good old Vice President Joe Biden never fails to blurt outrageous nonsense, but when he recommended blasting off a couple of rounds from his favorite double barreled 12 gauge shotgun from the balcony to ward off possible home invaders, I believe at last count he inspired at least six or seven felonies with his insane firearms craziness.

Oh that Joe. Thanks but no thanks, Mr. VP.

I guess that proves there are the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch and, my favorite, the Wild Bunch Branch.

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

And here’s one that makes freedom lovers and many millions of NRA members happy beyond description, often causing uncontrollable laughter to the point of falling on the floor.

Colorado Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette actually had the nerve and bizarre audacity to propose legislation banning standard capacity magazines by claiming that these clips would be rendered useless once the ammunition ran out, or some such mindless blather.

As is the case with most bureaucrats who sit on committees and boards with absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the issues, she made stuff up as she blathered out total, goofy nonsense that could not have been more wrong.

Clips hold cartridges to be loaded into magazines to feed the ammunition to the firearm.

Got that? Anybody?

Maybe when Rep. DeGette has the time, she would be so kind to chair a government committee to teach me how to play sexy guitar riffs, gut deer and BBQ wild boar chops, none of which she possesses any credentials, knowledge, authority or hunches about, beyond stupid guesswork.

Clueless freaks like the not-so-good Rep. DeGette are not just ignorant, they are dangerous to everything good about America.

And who could forget the wild-eyed California Sen. Diane Feinstein when she pushed hard to disarm the good folks of that Golden State, all the while packing her favorite little .38 Special revolver in her man-purse?

“Do as I say, peons, not as I do!”

She is so California.

As our illustrious fundamental transformation scam artist president unleashes dangerous criminals, felons and assorted monsters by the thousands back onto our streets as his trick or treat Halloween gesture from hell, only brainwashed, denial cultists could possibly believe that another gun law in America will reduce the carnage perpetrated by known demented evildoers, especially when our so-called justice system and the commander in chief his bad-self intentionally engineer this disastrous escalating crime wave.

KEEP – means it’s mine, and you can’t have it.

BEAR – means I’ve got some on me right now, and they’re loaded.

Shall Not Be Infringed – means “Don’t tread on me!”