Phil Robertson is my 1st Amendment blood brother

December 25, 2013 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

No beer in the Rose Garden is going to calm things down.

The “Duck Dynasty” guys are standing by their man. And sadly the A&E gang is standing with the politically correct cult of denial, which wants to muzzle the free speech of those with whom it disagrees.

This is all the result of one of the “Duck Dynasty” guys, Phil Robertson, stating what he and many millions of Americans believe about the Bible and homosexuals in a GQ magazine interview. Welcome to the culture-war party, Phil. State a commonly held belief and watch the other side go ballistic. You will learn to love the line drawn in the sand. I’ve been dancing on it for 50 years.

Due to the hyper-charged politically correct world of denial and vicious intolerance by the left in which we live, and where there are segments of society madly scrambling for ways to be offended, you will be pummeled and smeared by them unless you color within their intolerant politically correct lines. To each his own, as long as they authorize it. Trust me.

Though they claim to be the party of tolerance, what the left wants is to intimidate and silence, and even hurt, those with whom they disagree. The left’s tolerance only extends to those who espouse their agenda and nostrums.

Phil Robertson didn’t say anything hurtful or shameful. He didn’t say that homosexuals should be beaten, maligned, persecuted, denied human dignity or rights, or have the their birthdays taken away.

He simply stated what he believes.

For that, A&E has reportedly fired Phil Robertson from the show. For that, my hunting buddies from “Duck Dynasty” said they will fire A&E. “Duck Dynasty” makes A&E scads of money, as it is one of the most popular programs on all of television.

The backlash to A&E’s decision has also been swift and widespread, which is probably going to hit A&E where it really counts, square in its bottom line. Angered over this, Americans are reportedly calling their cable providers and requesting A&E be taken off the air. Apparently, two can play this game.

My suspicion is that as this plays out it will be more beneficial to the “Duck Dynasty” guys than the disconnected suits at A&E who made a business decision to bow at the altar of political correctness.

This isn’t about Phil Robertson’s First Amendment rights. He can say whatever he wants. This is about left-wing hit squads pouncing upon anyone with whom they disagree to shut them up and intimidate others into being quiet.

Left-wing hit squads have done the same to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and me. The more the left-wing goons attack and attempt to smear me, the happier, more proud and more demonstrative and outspoken I become. I’ve got news for them: I’m just getting warmed up.

What Phil’s statements have done is clearly illuminate the ever-expanding chasms in America that the left wing created and has nurtured. His statements and A&E’s firing of him is another flashpoint in the ongoing culture war.

Their continued attack upon those with whom they disagree is uniting a band of traditional-value brothers just beneath the surface, the likes of which the left cannot begin to understand.

The repercussions of the left pressuring A&E to fire Phil Robertson looms much larger than a very popular cable television show. The left is going to find out that there is nothing gay about that.

Me, I’m donning my gay apparel, loading up the Labrador retrievers and going after some mallards. I got my own little duck dynasty going on here. We love fast food at the Nugent ranch.