Review: SHUTUP&JAM!

July 23, 2014 | « back

NUG_ShutUpAndJam_smallThe album literally kicks off with the title track in a flurry of raucous riffs and a howl of feedback in the vein of “Wango Tango” from Scream Dream. Ted barks out the lyrics and lets rip with a frantic guitar solo at the minute mark. “Fear Itself” has an intense, brooding riff underpinning some hefty power chords bringing to mind “Tooth, Fang And Claw” from the Spirit Of The Wild album. “Everything Matters” is classic R&B and is the only song on the album with Derek on lead vocal. He has not lost his soulful range and hits the high notes with ease as Ted’s solos weave in and out of the choppy riffs.

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