September 10, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I hate to be the obnoxious wake-up call for all the comfortably numb sports fans out there, but the threat of an Ebola epidemic, the hoax of global warming nor the hacked nude photos of skinny celebrities can hold a candle to the self-inflicted curse of apathy infecting a huge swath of we the sheeple grazing mindlessly throughout America.

A little beheading here, a little beheading there; what, me worry? “Don’t be so paranoid” say all the dedicated shoppers. We got pizza, we got beer, and the game is about to start. Pre-9/11 was so pleasant. Why disrupt our little world of make-believe and malfunctioning misprioritization? Comfortably numb is so dark side of the moon, don’t you know.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Why indeed, infidels.

While America’s gungho pursuit of happiness rages on undeterred, and the Saul Alinsky smoke-and-mirrors gang creates another big lie in Ferguson and beyond, the Muslim world is biding their merry old time and engaged in constant training to fulfill their long-term, no-hurry voodoo prophecy of eliminating all non-Islamist gang members.

Honor killings are so “God is good.”

A bit too harsh you say? Well, good God almighty, we see no flames, so why on earth should we need a fire extinguisher, Mr. Paranoid? Caliphate? What pray tell is this caliphate of which you speak?

Such paranoia is so discomforting. Does this denial make me look fat, or just stupid?

Ladies and gentlemen, by all means do not rely on the author of “Wango Tango” to update your terrorist alerts. For us radicals daring to actually engage in this experiment in self-government, the substantial intelligence, constant overt signals, glaring warnings and just plain old logic tell a tale of impending terror – not if, but when. Erring on the side of caution isn’t just prudent, it is a matter of life and death for someone, somewhere at some time. It may or may not take place on Sept. 11, but to believe it can’t happen to me is so Sept. 10.

Border agents will tell you on and off the record that OTM’s (other than Mexicans) have been flooding across our southern non-border for many years. Invaders from Syria, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Nigeria, Egypt, Somalia and elsewhere have been apprehended.

Jihadist bombers with their bombs have been apprehended coming from Canada.

Bombs fizzled in Time Square.

ISIS members are brazenly wearing their regalia in Houston, Texas, delis.

Maj. Hasan had “Soldier of Allah” listed on his business cards and chanted the universal terrorists’ Allahu Akbar as he murdered unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood.

And the guitar player will tell you what our government liars won’t tell you: Fort Hood was a clear-cut act of terror/war, not workplace violence.

Write that down.

So now that we know that our government and commander in chief don’t trust the best trained military warriors in the world to be armed on U.S. military bases, I suppose we must look elsewhere for a meaningful force to halt the next such act of terror in the homeland.

I am just a guitar player, but I didn’t have to be told I should have a few fire extinguishers in my homes and vehicles as a simple, pragmatic and instinctual responsibility.

I also did not need to be told to be prepared to defend myself and my family by keeping and bearing arms. Those of us not brainwashed into feeble sheepishness have a good grasp of our instincts, self-evident truth, common sense and logic to understand the basics of life’s duties.

You should know that jihadists dedicated to kill every non-Muslim American live amongst us. You should know that they hate America, they hate freedom, they hate Jews, Christians, Mormons, Methodists, atheists, agnostics; they hate you and have exclaimed repeatedly that they are dedicated to killing everybody who doesn’t subscribe to their evil voodoo.

With 9/11 once again upon us, here’s a little radical extremism (we call it Boy Scout 101) survival advice for anyone who admits we are living in radical extremism times; Number 1, if you are unarmed and helpless, you are unarmed and helpless. Number 2, outgunned is a choice, a really, really bad choice.

There are millions of trained law-enforcement warriors across America that are usually reasonably armed. There are also many millions of veterans and active military heroes in every community in America.

When a crime unfolds, the cops are seldom on the scene. And when violence erupts, as it does every day somewhere all the time, our trained military warriors are almost always unarmed.

There is also an unprecedented army of armed civilians in the United States with concealed carry permits, and they have some kind of minor caliber handgun on or near their person under some circumstances, some of the time.

I certainly don’t fancy myself in the same league as full-time law-enforcement and military commandos, but for a guitar player, I am trained and prepared for most self-defense situations. And I assure you, in my daily maneuvers, I am not outgunned, and I believe unarmed and helpless is an irresponsible choice.

Many Americans I know are well aware of this, but now is the time for some serious upgrade, for people who care, in our understanding of the degree of the terror threat on the not so mean streets of America, and most importantly, our mindset and tactical awareness of how to possibly deal with it if indeed it erupts in our presence.

There will be more Fort Hoods, but not confined to military bases. Evil, voodoo, soulless jihadists will wreak terror upon us somewhere, sometime, somehow, and it is absolutely suicidal to think otherwise.

Do you have a plan if it erupts at a mall? A sporting event? At school? At a fall family festival or social event? Up the street?

Instead of cowering under a table or behind a counter, are you mentally prepared to shoot a terrorist? Have you drilled your family on the basics of what to do and how to instantly follow commands?

When I watched the voodoo allah punk behead the British soldier in broad daylight in the streets near London last year, I recoiled in horror more from the sheep-like zombie onlookers’ disconnect and inaction than from the murderous act itself.

That will not happen on the streets of Dallas. Fort Hood was a gun-free zone, but Texas isn’t.

Individuals can’t stop an IED or a suicide bomber. But if his vest sizzles, you can shoot him.

I will be in South Dakota on Sept. 11, celebrating the 26th anniversary of my beloved Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity. I will be surrounded by warriors of law enforcement and well-armed friends. It will not be a gun-free zone, and we are incapable of hiding under desks of watching helplessly if and when violence unfolds.

Evil is at an all-time high. The president lied again when he claimed otherwise. Don’t fall for it. The outbreak of flames is no time to run to the hardware store to purchase a fire-extinguisher.

Are we still America, or is the fundamental transformation complete?