Put Steve Stockman in charge of GOP

January 22, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

I just spent a powerfully moving and inspiring Texas deer-hunting campfire with Staff Sgt. Patrick Zeigler Jr.

As usual, a great American hunter by the name of Jack Brittingham provided a very generous hunting opportunity at his world renown Rancho Encantado to the good sergeant to show appreciation for his service and sacrifice.

You see, Patrick was shot in the head, shoulder, arm and legs by the Muslim terrorist Maj. Hasan on that tragic November day in 2009 at Fort Hood.

A government so out of control, so disconnected, so corrupt, so soulless as to disallow America’s highly trained warriors their Second Amendment rights on their own military base is so insane as to make patriots tremble, virtually forcing a state of unarmed helplessness for evil to slaughter 13 and wound many more.

Then to claim such an act of terror an episode of “workplace violence” taxes the imagination of good people everywhere.

Shame on you, DOD. Shame on you, DOJ. Shame on you, America.

First things first:

My good friend and great American, Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas, gives me hope.

You may recall that Congressman Stockman invited me to attend President Obama’s State of the Union address this past January.

Following the Community-Organizer-in-Chief’s masterful smoke and mirrors speech, I held media court where I dutifully played the bongo drums on the empty heads of anti-gun numbnuts with flailing ball peen hammers of truth and logic. Clearly, it’s my “we the people” job, and I’ve honed my delivery to a razor-sharp edge over these many years, practicing relentlessly on clueless hippies and Mao fans across the hinterland. I eagerly await a real challenge.

Congressman Stockman is a legislative street-fighting man who stands solidly for our sacred Second Amendment. Should the GOP leadership ever wish to know how to act like a political party with titanium testicles, they would be wise to give Stockman the gavel and let him hold real conservative court.

Recognizing the proven common sense and fundamental truism of all time that more guns equal less crime, Congressman Stockman introduced legislation to repeal the insane and embarrassing ban prohibiting military personnel from carrying weapons on military bases. Congressman Stockman’s legislation would allow our military heroes, the greatest trained warriors the world has ever known, to adequately protect themselves against various rabid subhuman Hasan-like scum intent on slaughtering them.

It goes without saying that Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert endorses the legislation. Congressman Gohmert stands for all that is good and conservative. He has that special Texas spine of defiance and independence that would make the defenders of the Alamo proud.

This common-sense legislation is long overdue. Those of us honest and aware of common sense know that for any government entity to intentionally disarm anyone is state-sanctioned barbarism and savagery. Only a soulless Fedzillacrat would endorse such lunacy, particularly upon those U.S. military warriors putting themselves in harm’s way to support and defend such rights for the rest of us.

Whether a military base or other federal buildings and property, those government employees with concealed-carry permits should also be permitted to carry their weapons to work.

The anti-gunners who spin their deceitful lies that more guns equal more crime are responsible for the body bags full of innocent victims. State-sanctioned defenselessness via their barbaric gun-free zones is a death sentence waiting to happen.

Real conservatives must encourage their congressmen to get behind Rep. Stockman’s legislation. Let’s see which congressmen proclaim to be conservative and which congressmen only give it lip service.

Good on Congressman Stockman. Speaker Boehner should present him with a GOP Medal of Common Sense for introducing this legislation. Of course, the GOP has no such medal, but it damn well should.

The jury is not still out; more gun laws create more victims. It’s well past the time we reverse the course of state-sanctioned barbarism and murder and embrace common sense based on the self-evident truth our Founding Fathers recognized and wrote down those many years ago.

We owe it to the warriors. We owe it to America.