Relentless Pursuit

December 18, 2019 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

If I am anything, I am relentless. This pursuit of happiness thing has always had a powerdriving hold on me and I have witnessed that same indefatigable drive in the happiest people and the best hunters I know.

The concept of equality is futile as none of us are the same and all humans have unique characteristics, talents, dreams, ideas and varying passions beyond imagination.

I know guys that are so naturally gifted as efficient predators that it defies description. They clearly possess innate capabilities to choose right place right time with dizzying consistency. From my perspective, they actually seem to attract big bucks!

I make it a point when hanging out with these guys to pay real close attention to their words and actions in hopes of picking up on just what it is that makes them so deadly.

Some of them perform the moon phase rituals, diligently monitor their game grounds with constant trail-cam placement and reviews and carefully choose just when and where they will invest their hunting time.

While I hunt every morning and every afternoon every day, my super killer buddies wait it out till they feel the time is right.

Sure, I kill a deer here and there much to my ecstatic joy, but they seem to just know when the bigger bucks will be moving about.

Of course, we all know generally when natural deer movement will increase come late October into November, but the consistency with which some of these guys kill great bucks on their very first outing is mind boggling!

Is it really just dumb luck, or do they possess an inner predator knowledge that cannot be learned in books or scientific and hunting literature?

I fondly remember those maniac youthful years of nonstop touring around the world when I could only carve out a day here and a rare day there to hit my sacred deerwoods with my trusty Bear recurve, and the much cherished and rare backstrap meal was hit and miss at best.

Fortunately, I soon discovered that my hunting recreation time was indeed essential mind, body, spirit, soul re-creation healing time to counter the insanity of berserk rock-n-roll outrage.

Whew! Thank God, huh!

Once I learned how important my soul-cleansing hunting time was for my spiritual and mental sanctity, I plunged heart-first into truly applying myself to learn all I could about predator functionality.

I repeat the essentiality of slow, stealthy, ultra-alert rules of bowhunting engagement, but there really is an indescribable predator pulse that we can learn and connect with if we truly dig deep into our psyche.

Combined with sheer relentless determination, such intellectual application can dramatically increase our chances of success, and I for one, will give it all I got every day, every hunt.

Hunt hard, hunt smart, but most importantly, hunt often! As often as your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness can muster! Never give up! Never surrender! Backstrap like you mean it.