Rush was right about Obama – will voters save nation?

October 15, 2014 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

Rush Limbaugh may or may not have a crystal ball, but quite honestly, anyone with even a minimum level of awareness and the most basic “we the people” responsibility of paying attention to candidates running for public office could have seen this one coming like a thundering stampede of angry elephants in your living room.

The custom-groomed senator from Illinois had it all: slick beyond used-car salesman jive, masterful command of teleprompters, delivering clever, award-winning scripted sweet talk to the ever-increasing sheeping of the masses, and all conveniently timed as the dumbing down of America was at its most embarrassing vacuity.

Add to that caustic list of libelous credentials the fact that enough Americans had abandoned all sense of decency by actually admitting, “It is time for a black president.” So much for content of character in deference to color of skin. Clearly, it is only “time for a black president” when such a man is the right man, not the right color. Sheesh!

Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling, Alfred E. Neuman, Saul Alinsky and Josef Goebbels couldn’t have created a better Manchurian Candidate had they hired Mary Shelley to help manufacture their own Frankenstein.

Raised by communists, educated by socialist/communists, surrounded by admitted members of the American Communist Party throughout life, endorsed by the American Communist Party, “community organizing” in the political hellhole of the criminally corrupt Windy City, scamming his way through every chapter of his mysterious life – only an idiot would disagree with Rush Limbaugh when he proclaimed his wish for this president to fail. Who wouldn’t want any variation of communism to fail in America?

Are you kidding me? The damn wall just came down, and America wants to build another? God help us all.

People not bamboozled by Mr. Slick could see exactly what his “hope and change” scam meant. It meant the end of individual freedoms, the end of excellence, the end of independence, the end of rugged individualism, the punishing of entrepreneurial ambition, the end of real capitalism where compensation is determined by effort, talent, risk and work ethic, and a dramatic upkick in the desouling plague where earning your own way was something to be made fun of.

Social justice is for sheep who are too stupid to get out of each other’s way.

Unfortunately, President Obama hasn’t failed, and America is clinging by a bare thread, dangling dangerously over the precipice of engineered economic, social, industrial, energy, religious, military, racial and spiritual doom.

The list or president Obama’s successes, all of which have hurt America, have been repeated ad nauseum, yet very little if anything has been done to correct them.

GOP, wherefore art thou?

The abject lies of a “most transparent” administration, the “all of the above” energy BS, the “end of cronyism” lie, and on and on and on, and many of us are stunned at just how much this administration can get away with on a daily basis.

Campaign, lie, golf, campaign, scam, golf, lie, campaign, lie, scam, golf, golf, golf, lie, lie, lie and on and on and on.

And now we have a whole new level of insanity with the clear and rookie, or worse, mishandling of the Ebola crisis. This doozy will go down in history as the last straw of just how blind a disconnected society can be and how the so-called separation of powers collapsed before our very eyes.

Declining entry into the USA to anyone from the infected region would surely be the first step by a leader fulfilling his duty to protect the countries’ citizens from this deadly disease.

Sending U.S. military heroes into the Ebola epidemic zone is proof positive that real leadership is nonexistent, and nobody is checking or balancing jack-squat.

So Obamacare is a tax? Food stamps and assorted welfare scams as bribes for votes? Why isn’t Lois Lerner under arrest? Why isn’t Hillary under arrest? Why are the feds in Ferguson, Missouri? Why is Sgt. Tahmooressi still in the Mexican gulags? What about Brian Terry? How’s that Bergdahl trade working out? How many more times will we hear the lie “no boots on the ground” as more and more boots are ending up on the ground? I heard a crazy promise that he would end the war in Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction, huh? Fort Hood and Moore, Oklahoma, “workplace violence,” huh?

Dear God, America, can enough of us muster a little remnant of WE THE PEOPLE spirit and action on Nov. 4 to stop the insanity? Is the tea party all alone in combating this clear and present homeland danger? How much abuse are Americans willing to tolerate? This daily BS is acceptable to whom?

Nov. 4, 2014, will be the do or die day in America to see if there are enough citizens to stop the madness. And if and when we get over that hurdle, then it will be time for the real WE THE PEOPLE pressure, once again performing our duties in this once-sacred experiment in self-government that has deteriorated into Obama’s nonsense dream of social justice. As if.