SALUTE To The SpiritWild Volunteers

April 26, 2016 | « back

By: Ted Nugent

As great, generous, caring, giving, loving, volunteering Americans prepare for our 26th annual summer celebration of the mighty Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity events across the hinterland, I stand in awe at the level of incredible hard work, dedication and sacrifice so many people endeavor for the benefit of America’s future generation of conservationists and sporters.

Sure, the organization has my greasy, loud and proud rock-n-roll name attached to it, but be it known by all good people everywhere that the real success and powerful positive impact our Kamp has had on so many children all these years is a direct result of the army of very special people who bust their humps to make it happen every year. As always, when great things happen, there is an army of all- American, gungho, we the people volunteers that know no limits to the Herculean efforts necessary to put incredibly difficult logistics together in order to benefit others.

That, my friends, defines The American Way that we all know and love. God bless America!

There are many amazing charities across America where great families guide and mentor children in the ways of the wild, and to all of them, a huge SALUTE on behalf of all good and smart people who understand the critical importance of hands-on outdoor lifestyle education in this strange and bizarre world of political correctness against all the good stuff.

Teaching young people the value of pragmatic discipline in the shooting sports and the great outdoors is surely one of if not the most important and impacting lessons in accountability available to mankind today.

Like our Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids events in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa and Colorado, all those summer camps in every corner of the country that teach archery, hunter safety, firearms safety and marksmanship, slingshot fun, fishing, trapping, woodworking, fly tying, canoeing, wildlife identification and appreciation, basic survival skills, being the best that you can be clean and sober, individual excellence and teamwork and all related disciplines, I assure you that these volunteers are literally saving kid’s lives and making America stronger.

It is a crying shame that Hunting, Fishing and Trapping 101 isn’t a standard curriculum in the American education system. But when you admit to the dismal and abject failure of the system that so often graduates kids who can’t talk, read, write, add or subtract and are embarrassingly clueless about history or basic wildlife science, it comes as no surprise that such lunatic fringe freaks known as animal rights zombies exist in the world today.

The greatest testimony I have witnessed many times myself that proves the universality of these basic life’s skills and joys are the times when a rock-n-roll fan brings their children to our Kamp to learn these skills even though they have never hunted, shot bows or guns, or had any outdoor experience themselves.

At the conclusion of our Kamp, each and every time they display a very emotional awakening, admitting that everything they have ever heard from their Uncle Ted about the joys of everything outdoors is inescapably true and highly desirable. All it takes is a sincere baptism into this perfect lifestyle by experienced and knowledgeable volunteers to awaken and arouse the purest of human instincts to be hands-on with nature.

This pure, natural hands-on lifestyle resonates on every level; instinctual, intellectual, emotional, natural, physical and spiritual.

Afterall, you can’t grill it till you kill it!

There is a great kids’ outdoor camp somewhere near you no matter where you live. Find them, communicate with them, and if you can, join the volunteers to safeguard our precious American outdoor heritage while saving kids’ lives, making America stronger and squashing the big lie from the anti-hunters and animal rights freaks out there.

As goes the aim small miss small mystical flight of the arrow, goes The Great Spirit of the Wild. Every kid needs it, every kid wants it, and pretty much every kid will love it and live it.

A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers across the land. Carryon and Godspeed.